Foundation Fest

Here they are – all of the foundations I’ve reviewed on my YouTube channel, searchable and sortable! You can view the entire Foundation Fest playlist on YouTube. These notes are based on my full-day wear tests. I am 44 years old and have fair, dry to normal skin with some fine lines and some sun damage. I have a neutral skin tone and can vary from neutral undertones to very slightly warm or cool. Depending on the time of year, in the Sephora ColorIQ testing I am 1Y03, 1R03, or 2R03. I prefer the look of foundations with a cool undertone (the 1R or 2R). My winter MAC shade is NW10 and the rest of the year I am NW13-15. My favorite finish is a natural satin to luminous finish, and I do not like to appear overly dewy (i.e. sweaty-dewy). Type in the SEARCH box below to filter results. Some keywords to try: drugstore, high end, hydrating, smooth, blurred, dewy, matte, satin, cruelty free, vegan, SPF Scroll the table horizontally (swipe left) to see all fields.  Printable Top 10 Lists (Updated September 27, 2019): Cruelty Free | Drugstore | High End | Hydrating | Drugstore & High End (PDF files available via Google Drive) Spreadsheet Updated: January 24, 2020 ReviewBuyBrandProductShadeGradeScoreFinishWeightPref ApplicationFeelPoresTextureCoverageSettlingCakingWear TimeOxidizingSticky?Shade MatchQuantityPackagingShade RangeSPFCategoryCruelty Free?Vegan?PriceNotes    ReviewBuy at SephoraDiorBackstage Face & Body Foundation1.5NA99Natural MatteVery lightweightSponge or BrushHydratingSlight blurSmoothLight to MediumNoNone10 HoursNoneNoGood for summer1.6 ozGlass bottle w/ pump40NoneHigh EndNoNo40Fantastic. Love. Does not settle into lines. Super comfortable. Smoothing, Feels hydrating. Bravo. ReviewBuy at SephoraYSLAll Hours Full Coverage FoundationBR10 Cool PorcelainA98Natural MatteLightweightSponge or BrushNot dryingVisibleBlurredMedium to FullNoNo12+ HoursNoneNoExcellent0.84 ozGlass bottle w/ pump22SPF 20High EndNot CFNo58Gorgeous finish! Incredibly long wearing. Comfortable and lightweight. Does not settle into lines. Fine for dry skin. ReviewBuy at SephoraMilk MakeupFlex Foundation StickVanillaA98Satin naturalVery lightweightSponge or BrushHydratingBlurredSmoothedLight to Light MediumNoNo12 HoursNoneSet w powderGood.35 ozStick36NoneHigh EndCruelty freeVegan36Beautiful finish. A bit light on coverage but very skin like, very comfortable. ReviewBuy at SephoraDiorForever Skin Glow 24h Wear Radiant Perfection1CRA97Satin luminousLightweightBrushSlightly hydratingSlight blurSlightly smoothedLight to MediumNoNo8 HoursNone to SlightSet w powderSlightly too dark for winter1 ozGlass bottle w/ pump24SPF 35High EndNot CFNo52Beautiful finish, no settling, no clinging to dry patches. Comfortable. Grade bumped up a few points after wearing it more. Excellent for flaking/peeling skin. ReviewBuy at SephoraHourglassVanish Seamless Finish StickAlabasterA96Satin naturalVery lightweightBrushVery hydratingBlurredBlurredHigh Med to Full in 1 layerNoNo12 HoursNoneNoExcellent0.25 ozStick26NoneHigh End46Amazing coverage for one coat this lightweight! Dewy look by end of day. Feels hydrating. Great color match, great blurring. Very little wear off up to 10 hours, then around chin and lower nose. Best coverage with brush. ReviewBuy at SephoraEstee LauderDouble Wear Stay in Place1C1 Cool BoneA96Satin matteLightweightSpongeNot dryingBlurredBlurredMedium to FullNoNo9++ NoneNoTiny Bit Dark1 ozGlass bottle, no pump38High End39.5Excellent long wear. Blurs pores and texture. No settling into lines. ReviewBuy at MacysMACStudio SculptNW15A96Satin matteSlightly lightweight SpongeVery hydratingSlight blurBlurredHigh Med to Full in 1 layerNoNo10+ HoursNoneNoTiniest bit too dark for winter1.3 ozSqueeze tube19SPF 15High End34Looked remarkably good at the 10 hour mark. Barely any wear off – very slightly on chin. Nice finish, comfortable to wear. ReviewBuy at SephoraEstee LauderDouble Wear Nude Water Fresh1C1 Cool BoneA96Natural, slightly dewyVery lightweightBrushHydratingSlight blurSlightly smoothedLight to Light MedNoNo10+ HoursNoneNoGood1 ozGlass bottle, no pump12SPF 30High EndNot CFNo42Sunglass marks visible. Very, very comfortable. Wears well in hot weather. ReviewBuy at UltaMakeup Revolution Fast Base Stick FoundationF2 Fair WarmA96Dewy & LuminousLightweightSponge or BrushSlightly hydratingBlurredSmoothMediumNoNo9+ HoursNoneSet w powderSlightly too yellow.21 ozStick18NoneDrugstoreCruelty freeVegan9Beautiful! Hydrating, comfortable, does not settle into lines. Dewy finish. Wears well over time. ReviewBuy at UltaPURLove Your Selfie Foundation LP4A96Satin to slightly dewyLightweightSponge or BrushHydratingSlight blurSmoothedMediumNoNo12 HoursNoneNoGood1 ozPlastic bottle w/ pump100NoneHigh EndCruelty freeVegan36Has pump and doe foot. Excellent wear time. Beautiful finish. ReviewBuy at UltaPhilosophyHope in a Jar (discontinued)3 Fair LightA95Satin to slightly dewyLightweightSponge or BrushHydratingSlight blurSlightly smoothedLight to MediumNoNo9 HoursNoneNoExcellent1 ozPlastic bottle w/ pump8SPF 20High End39Exceptionally comfortable. Great for dry skin. Wore off around nose and chin. ReviewBuy at UltaNyxBorn to Glow Naturally RadiantLight IvoryA95Dewy & LuminousVery lightweightSponge or BrushHydratingBlurredSmoothedLight to MediumNoNo10 HoursNoneSet w powderGood for winter1.01 ozSqueeze tube45NoneDrugstoreCruelty freeVegan10Beautiful finish, very smoothing, hydrating and very comfortable. ReviewBuy at UltaEstee LauderFuturist Hydra Rescue Moisturizing Makeup1N2 EcruA95Natural GlowLightweightBrush then spongeHydratingBlurredSlightly smoothedLight to MediumNoClings slightly to bad dry patches12+ HoursNoneSet w powderSlightly too dark1.18 ozSqueeze tube w/ pump20SPF 45High EndNot CFNo45Beautiful finish, wears well, degrades gracefully. ReviewBuy at UltaToo FacedPeach Perfect Comfort MattePorcelainA94Soft matteLightweightSponge or BrushSlightly dryingSlight blurSmoothLight to MediumNoNo10+ HoursNoneNoSlightly dark, slightly yellow1.60 ozSqueeze tube12NoneHigh EndCruelty freeVegan36Slight accentuation of deeper lines around mouth. No settling into lines at all. Trouble blending concealer into foundation. ReviewBuy at SephoraIliaTrue Skin Serum FoundationTexelA94Natural dewyVery lightweightSponge or BrushHydratingBlurredSmoothMediumNoNo8 HoursNoneSet w powderGood1 ozGlass bottle w/ pump10NoneHigh EndCruelty freeVegan54SUPER easy blending concealer & powder on top. Must set w powder for longevity. Phenomenally comfortable. Would be higher grade w more shades. ReviewBuy at UltaMakeup RevolutionConceal & Define Full CoverageF4A 94Satin natural luminousLightweightSponge or BrushSlightly hydratingBlurredSmoothedMedium to FullNoNo12 HoursNoneNoGood for end of summer0.85 ozGlass bottle w/ doe foot24NoneDrugstoreCruelty freeVegan12Superior smoothing of texture. Very pretty finish. Not transfer resistant to touch. ReviewBuy at BeautylishBy TerryTerrybly Densiliss Anti Wrinkle Serum Foundation5 Medium PeachA-94SatinVery lightweightSponge or BrushHydratingBlurredSmoothedLight to MediumNoNot cakey9 HoursNoneNoSlightly too dark1 ozGlass bottle w/ pump13NoneHigh EndNot CFUnknown116Incredibly smooth. Skin felt and looked amazing even after taking it off. Strong fragrance. ReviewBuy at UltaMACStudio Fix FluidNW10A-93Satin matteLightweightBrush slightly better, both fineNot dryingBlurredBlurredMedium to High MedNoNo12 HoursNoneNoExcellent1 ozGlass bottle, no pump43SPF 20High EndNot CFNo29No settling at all into fine lines. Did not transfer when wearing sunglasses. Very comfortable. ReviewUnavailableRevlonAge Defying 3XFresh IvoryA-93Satin naturalAverageBrush for coverage, sponge to blendNot dryingVisibleSlightly smoothedMedium to High MedNoSlightly heavy around mouth8 HoursVery slightNoExcellent1 ozGlass bottle w/ pump12SPF 20DrugstoreNot CFNo13Heavy/separates slightly along deep wrinkles. No settling elsewhere. ReviewBuy at withSimplicityWith SimplicityOrganic Liquid FoundationShade 02A-93Satin naturalLightweightSponge or BrushNot dryingVisibleSlightly smoothedLight to MediumNoNo9 HoursNoneNoGood1 ozPlastic bottle w/ pump8NoneHigh EndCruelty freeVegan34Very beautiful skin-like finish. Strong vanilla fragrance. ReviewBuy at UltaLancomeRenergie Lift Foundation250 Bisque WA-93Dewy & LuminousLightweightSponge or BrushHydratingVisibleBlurredLight to MediumNoNo10 HoursNoneNoGood for self tanning1 ozGlass bottle w/ pump18SPF 20High EndNoNo47Very comfortable. Gorgeous finish. Hydrating. No settling or caking. This is my summer self … Continue reading Foundation Fest