Foundation Fest

Here they are – all of the foundations I’ve reviewed on my YouTube channel, searchable and sortable! You can view the entire Foundation Fest playlist on YouTube. These notes are based on my full-day wear tests. I am 48 years old and have fair, dry to normal skin with some fine lines and some sun damage. I have a neutral skin tone and can vary from neutral undertones to very slightly warm or cool. Depending on the time of year, in the Sephora ColorIQ testing I am 1Y03, 1R03, or 2R03. I prefer the look of foundations with a cool undertone (the 1R or 2R). My winter MAC shade is NW10 and the rest of the year I am NW13-15. My favorite finish is a natural satin to luminous finish, and I do not like to appear overly dewy (i.e. sweaty-dewy). Type in the SEARCH box below to filter results. Some keywords to try: drugstore, high end, hydrating, smooth, blurred, dewy, matte, satin, cruelty free, vegan, SPF Scroll the table horizontally (swipe left) to see all fields.  Printable Top 10 Lists (Updated December 24, 2022): Cruelty Free | Drugstore | High End | Hydrating | Drugstore & High End | Top 100 Foundations (PDF files available via Google Drive) Spreadsheet Updated: April 7, 2023 ReviewBuyDateBrandProductShadeGradeScoreFinishWeightPref ApplicationFeelPoresTextureCoverageSettlingCakingWear TimeOxidizingSticky?Shade MatchQuantityPackagingShade RangeSPFCategoryCruelty Free?Vegan?PriceNotes ReviewBuy at Ulta2/25/2022NARSLight Reflecting FoundationLight 4.5 ViennaA100Satin luminousVery lightweightSponge or BrushHydratingSmoothedBlurredLight to MediumDid not settleNo caking12 HoursNoneNoGood for summer1 ozGlass bottle w/ pump36NoneHigh EndNot CFUnknown$49 Gorgeous. Not a single complaint. Wears well under masks. Great wear time. Freaking awesome. ReviewBuy at Sephora8/24/2018DiorBackstage Face & Body Foundation1.5NA99Natural MatteVery lightweightSponge or BrushHydratingSlight blurSmoothLight to MediumNoNone10 HoursNoneNoGood for summer1.6 ozGlass bottle w/ pump40NoneHigh EndNot CFNo$40.00 Fantastic. Love. Does not settle into lines. Super comfortable. Smoothing, Feels hydrating. Bravo. ReviewBuy at Amazon2/26/2020L’OrealAge Perfect Radiant Serum Foundation15 Rose IvoryA99Dewy & LuminousVery lightweightSponge or BrushHydratingBlurredSmoothedLight to MediumNoNot cakey12 HoursNoneSet w powderSlightly too dark1 ozSqueeze tube30SPF 50DrugstoreNot CFUnknown$15.99 Gorgeous finish, degrades gracefully, hydrating, no settling or caking. Super smoothing! ReviewBuy at Nordstrom7/3/2020MACFace and Body FoundationN2A99DewyVery lightweightBrushVery hydratingBlurredSmoothedSheer to LightNoNot cakey10 HoursNoneSet w powderGood for summer1.7 ozSqueeze bottle13NoneHigh EndNot CFUnknown$31 Inexpensive at $18/oz and gorgeous!! No clinging at all, no settling into lines. Super hydrating. Dewy finish. ReviewBuy at Ulta1/18/2021Wet n WildBare Focus Tinted HydratorFairA99Satin naturalVery lightweightFingers or BrushVery hydratingSlightly blurredSlightly smoothedLight to Light MediumDId not settleNot cakey11 HoursNoneSet w powderGreat for winter0.91 ozSqueeze tube7NoneDrugstoreCruelty freeVegan$5.99 Like a silky smooth canvas for your face! Gorgeous, comfortable, no issues for dry or maturing skin. Mind blown. ReviewBuy at Ulta4/19/2021MACStudio Radiance Face and BodyN2A99Satin luminousVery lightweightSponge, brush, or fingersHydratingBlurredSmoothedLight to MediumDid not settleNot cakey12 HoursNoneNoGood for summer1.7 ozSqueeze bottle30NoneHigh EndNot CFUnknown$33 Amazing just like the original Face and Body. Gorgeous smoothing finish, perfect for dry skin, super long wearing and great under a mask. ReviewBuy at Sephora12/30/22YSLAll Hours Luminous MatteLN3A99Satin naturalLightweightBrushSlightly hydratingBlurredSmoothedMedium to fullDid not settleNot cakey12 HoursNoneNoGood1 ozGlass bottle w/ pump40SPF 30High EndNot CFUnknown$56 Beautiful soft matte finish with just a bit of luminosity, excellent wear, excellent coverage – maybe even better than the original All Hours, and I loved that one! ReviewBuy at Sephora1/22/2018YSLAll Hours Full Coverage FoundationBR10 Cool PorcelainA98Natural MatteLightweightSponge or BrushNot dryingVisibleBlurredMedium to FullNoNo12+ HoursNoneNoExcellent0.84 ozGlass bottle w/ pump22SPF 20High EndNot CFNo$58 Gorgeous finish! Incredibly long wearing. Comfortable and lightweight. Does not settle into lines. Fine for dry skin. ReviewBuy at Sephora9/27/2019Milk MakeupFlex Foundation StickVanillaA98Satin naturalVery lightweightSponge or BrushHydratingBlurredSmoothedLight to Light MediumNoNo12 HoursNoneSet w powderGood.35 ozStick36NoneHigh EndCruelty freeVegan$36 Beautiful finish. A bit light on coverage but very skin like, very comfortable. ReviewBuy at YesStyle9/25/2020PuritoSnail Clearing BB Cream23 Natural BeigeA98Dewy naturalLightweightFingertipsHydratingVisibleSmoothedMediumNo settlingNo caking12 HoursNoneSet w powderGood for summer1 ozSqueeze tube3SPF 38DrugstoreCruelty freeNo$10.90 Gorgeous. Similar undertone to CYO 101, about 2 shades darker. Handles peeling skin exceptionally well. Super smoothing. ReviewBuy at YesStyle – YESGOOW 5% off10/23/2020PuritoCica Clearing BB Cream21 Light BeigeA98Dewy & LuminousVery lightweightSponge or Brush or FingersHydratingVisibleSmoothedMediumNo settlingNot cakey12+ HoursNoneSet w powderGood for winter1 ozSqueeze tube3SPF 38DrugstoreCruelty freeVegan$10 Beautiful and dewy. Skin like but great coverage. Comfortable and great ingredients. Great for dry and maturing skin. ReviewBuy at Sephora4/5/2021LYSTriple Fix Serum FoundationLP4 VanillaA98Dewy & LuminousVery lightweightSponge or BrushHydratingSlightly blurredSmoothedMediumDid not settleNot cakey10+ HoursNoneNoVery Good1 ozGlass bottle w/ pump35NoneHigh EndCruelty freeVegan$22 Gorgeous finish, degrades gracefully, hydrating, no settling or caking. Does not need to be set with powder! Smoothing. Lovely. ReviewBuy at Ulta8/27/2021L’OrealTrue Match Nude Hyaluronic Tinted SerumLight 2-3A98Satin naturalLightweightFingersHydratingBlurredSmoothedSheer to LightDid not settleNo clinging or caking10+ HoursNoneNoSummer shade1 ozGlass bottle w/ dropper10NoneDrugstoreNot CFUnknown$19.99 Beautiful skin like finish. Wears very well under a mask. Do not need to set with powder. Hydrating. Love it. ReviewBuy at Ulta9/3/2021Estee LauderDouble Wear Sheer1C1 Cool BoneA98Satin naturalVery lightweightFingersSlightly hydratingBlurredSmoothedSheer to LightDid not settleNot cakey10 HoursNoneNoGood1 ozSqueeze bottle26SPF 19High EndNot CFUnknown$43 Beautiful finish – not matte on me as described, but perfectly satin. Wears well under a mask and sunglasses – just a little transfer. Super comfortable. ReviewBuy at Lisa E.11/20/2021Lisa EldridgeSeamless SkinShade 7A98Matte not flatLightweightSponge or BrushNot dryingSlightly blurredSmoothedLight to MediumDid not settleNot cakey9+ HoursNoneNoGood1 ozGlass bottle w/ pump40NoneHigh EndCruelty freeUnknown$61 Very pretty finish, looks near perfect after 9 hours even with mask/glasses. Not a fan of the packaging (bottle doesn’t stand upright, cap requires alignment). ReviewBuy at Sephora1/28/2022Bobbi BrownIntensive Serum FoundationCool IvoryA98Satin luminousLightweightSponge or Brush or FingersHydratingBlurredSmoothedMediumDid not settleNot cakey10+ hoursNoneNoGood1 ozGlass bottle w/ pump23SPF 40High EndNot CFUnknown$72 Beautiful, wears well under masks, comfortable, Super blurring on micro wrinkles. Very smoothing. Love it. ReviewBuy at Sephora03/26/22KosasRevealer Skin Improving FoundationLight Neutral 140A98Natural luminousLightweightFingers or SpongeHydratingSlightly blurredSlightly smoothedLight to MediumDid not settleNot cakey10+ HoursNoneNoGood for summer1 ozGlass bottle w/ pump36SPF 25High EndCruelty freeUnknown$42 Gorgeous finish. Wears well even with a mask and glasses. Skin feels great at the end of the night. Beautiful. ReviewBuy at Sephora04/15/22Make Up For EverHD Skin Undetectable Foundation1R12 (R230)A98Satin naturalLightweightSponge or BrushHydratingSlightly blurredBlurredLight to MediumDid not settleNot cakey12+ HoursNoneNoSmidge dark for winter, good for summer1 ozGlass bottle w/ pump40NoneHigh EndNot CFVegan$43 Easy coverage, beautiful finish, super long wearing. A little darker than its equivalent R230 Reboot. At 12 hours breaks apart a tiny bit on deeper lines. … Continue reading Foundation Fest