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Here they are – all of the foundations I’ve reviewed on my YouTube channel, searchable and sortable! You can view the entire Foundation Fest playlist on YouTube.

These notes are based on my full-day wear tests. I am 48 years old and have fair, dry to normal skin with some fine lines and some sun damage. I have a neutral skin tone and can vary from neutral undertones to very slightly warm or cool. Depending on the time of year, in the Sephora ColorIQ testing I am 1Y03, 1R03, or 2R03. I prefer the look of foundations with a cool undertone (the 1R or 2R). My winter MAC shade is NW10 and the rest of the year I am NW13-15. My favorite finish is a natural satin to luminous finish, and I do not like to appear overly dewy (i.e. sweaty-dewy).

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Spreadsheet Updated: April 7, 2023

ReviewBuyDateBrandProductShadeGradeScoreFinishWeightPref ApplicationFeelPoresTextureCoverageSettlingCakingWear TimeOxidizingSticky?Shade MatchQuantityPackagingShade RangeSPFCategoryCruelty Free?Vegan?PriceNotes
ReviewBuy at Ulta2/25/2022NARSLight Reflecting FoundationLight 4.5 ViennaA100Satin luminousVery lightweightSponge or BrushHydratingSmoothedBlurredLight to MediumDid not settleNo caking12 HoursNoneNoGood for summer1 ozGlass bottle w/ pump36NoneHigh EndNot CFUnknown$49 Gorgeous. Not a single complaint. Wears well under masks. Great wear time. Freaking awesome.
ReviewBuy at Sephora8/24/2018DiorBackstage Face & Body Foundation1.5NA99Natural MatteVery lightweightSponge or BrushHydratingSlight blurSmoothLight to MediumNoNone10 HoursNoneNoGood for summer1.6 ozGlass bottle w/ pump40NoneHigh EndNot CFNo$40.00 Fantastic. Love. Does not settle into lines. Super comfortable. Smoothing, Feels hydrating. Bravo.
ReviewBuy at Amazon2/26/2020L'OrealAge Perfect Radiant Serum Foundation15 Rose IvoryA99Dewy & LuminousVery lightweightSponge or BrushHydratingBlurredSmoothedLight to MediumNoNot cakey12 HoursNoneSet w powderSlightly too dark1 ozSqueeze tube30SPF 50DrugstoreNot CFUnknown$15.99 Gorgeous finish, degrades gracefully, hydrating, no settling or caking. Super smoothing!
ReviewBuy at Nordstrom7/3/2020MACFace and Body FoundationN2A99DewyVery lightweightBrushVery hydratingBlurredSmoothedSheer to LightNoNot cakey10 HoursNoneSet w powderGood for summer1.7 ozSqueeze bottle13NoneHigh EndNot CFUnknown$31 Inexpensive at $18/oz and gorgeous!! No clinging at all, no settling into lines. Super hydrating. Dewy finish.
ReviewBuy at Ulta1/18/2021Wet n WildBare Focus Tinted HydratorFairA99Satin naturalVery lightweightFingers or BrushVery hydratingSlightly blurredSlightly smoothedLight to Light MediumDId not settleNot cakey11 HoursNoneSet w powderGreat for winter0.91 ozSqueeze tube7NoneDrugstoreCruelty freeVegan$5.99 Like a silky smooth canvas for your face! Gorgeous, comfortable, no issues for dry or maturing skin. Mind blown.
ReviewBuy at Ulta4/19/2021MACStudio Radiance Face and BodyN2A99Satin luminousVery lightweightSponge, brush, or fingersHydratingBlurredSmoothedLight to MediumDid not settleNot cakey12 HoursNoneNoGood for summer1.7 ozSqueeze bottle30NoneHigh EndNot CFUnknown$33 Amazing just like the original Face and Body. Gorgeous smoothing finish, perfect for dry skin, super long wearing and great under a mask.
ReviewBuy at Sephora12/30/22YSLAll Hours Luminous MatteLN3A99Satin naturalLightweightBrushSlightly hydratingBlurredSmoothedMedium to fullDid not settleNot cakey12 HoursNoneNoGood1 ozGlass bottle w/ pump40SPF 30High EndNot CFUnknown$56 Beautiful soft matte finish with just a bit of luminosity, excellent wear, excellent coverage - maybe even better than the original All Hours, and I loved that one!
ReviewBuy at Sephora1/22/2018YSLAll Hours Full Coverage FoundationBR10 Cool PorcelainA98Natural MatteLightweightSponge or BrushNot dryingVisibleBlurredMedium to FullNoNo12+ HoursNoneNoExcellent0.84 ozGlass bottle w/ pump22SPF 20High EndNot CFNo$58 Gorgeous finish! Incredibly long wearing. Comfortable and lightweight. Does not settle into lines. Fine for dry skin.
ReviewBuy at Sephora9/27/2019Milk MakeupFlex Foundation StickVanillaA98Satin naturalVery lightweightSponge or BrushHydratingBlurredSmoothedLight to Light MediumNoNo12 HoursNoneSet w powderGood.35 ozStick36NoneHigh EndCruelty freeVegan$36 Beautiful finish. A bit light on coverage but very skin like, very comfortable.
ReviewBuy at YesStyle9/25/2020PuritoSnail Clearing BB Cream23 Natural BeigeA98Dewy naturalLightweightFingertipsHydratingVisibleSmoothedMediumNo settlingNo caking12 HoursNoneSet w powderGood for summer1 ozSqueeze tube3SPF 38DrugstoreCruelty freeNo$10.90 Gorgeous. Similar undertone to CYO 101, about 2 shades darker. Handles peeling skin exceptionally well. Super smoothing.
ReviewBuy at YesStyle - YESGOOW 5% off10/23/2020PuritoCica Clearing BB Cream21 Light BeigeA98Dewy & LuminousVery lightweightSponge or Brush or FingersHydratingVisibleSmoothedMediumNo settlingNot cakey12+ HoursNoneSet w powderGood for winter1 ozSqueeze tube3SPF 38DrugstoreCruelty freeVegan$10 Beautiful and dewy. Skin like but great coverage. Comfortable and great ingredients. Great for dry and maturing skin.
ReviewBuy at Sephora4/5/2021LYSTriple Fix Serum FoundationLP4 VanillaA98Dewy & LuminousVery lightweightSponge or BrushHydratingSlightly blurredSmoothedMediumDid not settleNot cakey10+ HoursNoneNoVery Good1 ozGlass bottle w/ pump35NoneHigh EndCruelty freeVegan$22 Gorgeous finish, degrades gracefully, hydrating, no settling or caking. Does not need to be set with powder! Smoothing. Lovely.
ReviewBuy at Ulta8/27/2021L'OrealTrue Match Nude Hyaluronic Tinted SerumLight 2-3A98Satin naturalLightweightFingersHydratingBlurredSmoothedSheer to LightDid not settleNo clinging or caking10+ HoursNoneNoSummer shade1 ozGlass bottle w/ dropper10NoneDrugstoreNot CFUnknown$19.99 Beautiful skin like finish. Wears very well under a mask. Do not need to set with powder. Hydrating. Love it.
ReviewBuy at Ulta9/3/2021Estee LauderDouble Wear Sheer1C1 Cool BoneA98Satin naturalVery lightweightFingersSlightly hydratingBlurredSmoothedSheer to LightDid not settleNot cakey10 HoursNoneNoGood1 ozSqueeze bottle26SPF 19High EndNot CFUnknown$43 Beautiful finish - not matte on me as described, but perfectly satin. Wears well under a mask and sunglasses - just a little transfer. Super comfortable.
ReviewBuy at Lisa E.11/20/2021Lisa EldridgeSeamless SkinShade 7A98Matte not flatLightweightSponge or BrushNot dryingSlightly blurredSmoothedLight to MediumDid not settleNot cakey9+ HoursNoneNoGood1 ozGlass bottle w/ pump40NoneHigh EndCruelty freeUnknown$61 Very pretty finish, looks near perfect after 9 hours even with mask/glasses. Not a fan of the packaging (bottle doesn't stand upright, cap requires alignment).
ReviewBuy at Sephora1/28/2022Bobbi BrownIntensive Serum FoundationCool IvoryA98Satin luminousLightweightSponge or Brush or FingersHydratingBlurredSmoothedMediumDid not settleNot cakey10+ hoursNoneNoGood1 ozGlass bottle w/ pump23SPF 40High EndNot CFUnknown$72 Beautiful, wears well under masks, comfortable, Super blurring on micro wrinkles. Very smoothing. Love it.
ReviewBuy at Sephora03/26/22KosasRevealer Skin Improving FoundationLight Neutral 140A98Natural luminousLightweightFingers or SpongeHydratingSlightly blurredSlightly smoothedLight to MediumDid not settleNot cakey10+ HoursNoneNoGood for summer1 ozGlass bottle w/ pump36SPF 25High EndCruelty freeUnknown$42 Gorgeous finish. Wears well even with a mask and glasses. Skin feels great at the end of the night. Beautiful.
ReviewBuy at Sephora04/15/22Make Up For EverHD Skin Undetectable Foundation1R12 (R230)A98Satin naturalLightweightSponge or BrushHydratingSlightly blurredBlurredLight to MediumDid not settleNot cakey12+ HoursNoneNoSmidge dark for winter, good for summer1 ozGlass bottle w/ pump40NoneHigh EndNot CFVegan$43 Easy coverage, beautiful finish, super long wearing. A little darker than its equivalent R230 Reboot. At 12 hours breaks apart a tiny bit on deeper lines.
ReviewBuy at Sephora10/07/22Haus LabsTriclone Skin Tech 130 Light WarmA98Satin naturalVery lightweightBrushSlightly hydratingSlightly blurredSmoothLight to mediumTap out upon application - then goodNot cakey10 HoursNoneNoExcellent1 ozGlass bottle w/ pump51NoneHigh EndCruelty freeUnknown$45 Very pretty finish. Wears well, minimal transfer. Very comfortable, texture and pores quite smooth. Love this one.
ReviewBuy at Nordstrom01/27/23Yensa BeautySuper Serum Silk FoundationLight 1 (Light Neutral)A98Satin naturalLightweightSponge or BrushHydratingBlurredSmoothedMediumDid not settleNot cakey12 HoursNoneNoGreat1 ozPlastic bottle w/ pump16NoneHigh EndCruelty freeVegan$45 Beautiful finish. Love the undertone - similar to CYO Lifeproof 101. Long wear, graceful wear over time. Fantastic skin care ingredients.
ReviewBuy at Sephora2/1/2019DiorForever Skin Glow 24h Wear Radiant Perfection1CRA97Satin luminousLightweightBrushSlightly hydratingSlight blurSlightly smoothedLight to MediumNoNo8 HoursNone to SlightSet w powderSlightly too dark for winter1 ozGlass bottle w/ pump24SPF 35High EndNot CFNo$52 Beautiful finish, no settling, no clinging to dry patches. Comfortable. Grade bumped up a few points after wearing it more. Excellent for flaking/peeling skin.
ReviewBuy at Yensa9/11/2020Yensa BeautySkin on Skin BC FoundationLight NeutralA97Satin luminousVery lightweightSponge or BrushNot dryingBlurredSmoothedMediumNoNo caking12 HoursNoneNoGreat1.08 ozSqueeze tube w/ pump11SPF 40High EndCruelty freeUnknown$38 Gorgeous finish! Very long wearing. Undertone matches CYO 101, just a smidge darker. Made my flaking skin melt back into my face. Wonderful.
ReviewBuy at Sephora4/2/2021ShiseidoSynchro Skin Radiant Lifting Foundation220 LinenA97Satin luminous dewyLightweightSponge or brushHydratingSlightly blurredVery SmoothedMediumDid not settleNot cakey11+ HoursNoneNoGood for summer1 ozGlass bottle w/ pump30SPF 30High EndNot CFUnknown$47 Beautiful finish, excellent wear time, did not have to set with powder, great coverage.
ReviewBuy at Sephora5/14/2021TarteSea Water Foundation15N Fair Light Neutral A97Satin naturalLightweightBrush or SpongeHydratingBlurredSmoothedLight to Light MediumDid not settleNo clinging10+ HoursNoneNoSummer shade1 ozGlass bottle w/ dropper16SPF 15High EndCruelty freeUnknown$39 Beautiful finish. Smooths and blurs all the things. Hydrating, wears well with intermittant mask wearing.
ReviewBuy at Sephora9/10/2021Tom FordTraceless Soft Matte Foundation4 FawnA97Satin matteLightweightSponge or brushSlightly hydratingBlurredSmoothedMediumDid not settleNot cakey12 HoursNoneNoSummer shade1 ozGlass bottle w/ pump40NoneHigh EndNot CFUnknown$88 Beautiful finish. Not quite matte on me - more satin. Super blurring and smoothing. Tiny bit of mask transfer but not bad.
ReviewBuy at Sephora1/21/2022Charlotte TilburyBeautiful Skin Foundation3 NeutralA97Satin matteLightweightBrush or spongeHydratingSmoothedBlurredMediumTiny bit into deeper linesNot cakey12 HoursOneNoGood1 ozSqueeze tube w/ pump30NoneHigh EndCruelty freeUnknown$44 Excellent coverage, very hydrating. Smooths/blurs pores and texture nicely. Smile lines a little less smoothed but overall gorgeous.
ReviewBuy at Ulta04/29/22IT CosmeticsCC+ Nude GlowFair LightA97Satin naturalLightweightFingers or Brush or SpongeHydratingSlightly blurredSlightly smoothedMediumDid not settleNot cakey10+ HoursNoneNoSlightly too dark1.08 ozSqueeze tube w/ pump22SPF 40High EndCruelty freeUnknown$42 Excellent coverage, hydrating, super comfortable, pretty finish, good skin care ingredients.
ReviewBuy at Ulta09/09/22LancomeCare and Glow220CA97Dewy naturalLightweightSponge or BrushHydratingBlurredSmoothedLight to MediumDid not settleNot cakey10 HoursNoneNoGood1 ozGlass bottle w/ pump30NoneHigh EndNot CFUnknown$37 No complaints! Pretty finish, solid wear time, comfortable, hydrating, did not emphasize lines or pores. Good stuff.
ReviewBuy at Sephora11/18/22Westman AtelierVital Skincare Dewy Foundation Complexion DropsShade 0.5A97Satin luminousVery lightweightFingersHydratingSlightly blurredSlightly smoothedSheer to LightDid not settleNot cakey10 HoursNoneNoSlightly too light1 ozSqueeze bottle20NoneHigh EndCruelty freeVegan$68 Sheer with slight evening of skin tone. Pretty finish, hydrating, handles flaking skin well. A nice base or no-makeup makeup look.
ReviewBuy at Sephora12/16/22Iconic LondonSuper Smoother Blurring Skin TintCool LightA97SatinVery lightweightFingersHydratingBlurredSmoothedSheer to LightDid not settleNot cakey10 HoursNoneNoSlightly too dark1 ozSqueeze bottle18NoneHigh EndCruelty freeVegan$32 Gorgeous finish and very smoothing. Holds up well especially for a light coverage product. Mixes well with other foundations too.
ReviewBuy at Salt NY01/20/23Salt New YorkSneaky Balm Hydrating Skin TintN11A97Dewy NaturalVery lightweightFingersVery hydratingSlightly blurredSlightly smoothedSheerDid not settleNot cakey8 HoursNoneNoGood0.15 ozRecyclable pan13NoneHigh EndCruelty freeVegan$16 Your skin but better. Super hydrating, feels great and does a bit of smoothing and evening out of skin tone. Great for no makeup makeup.
ReviewBuy on Amazon03/03/23Age 20sSignature Essence BB & CC CreamShade 23A97Dewy and LuminousLightweightSpongeVery hydratingBlurredSmoothedLight to Light MediumDid not settleNot cakey12+ HoursNoneNoGood1 ozCushion compact3SPF 50High EndCruelty freeUnknown$38 Comes with a refill compact. Gorgeous dewy finish that stays throughout the day without getting greasy. Nicely blurring and smoothing. Be careful to mix all of the shades of the cream together for even application. Excellent SPF too. Good coverage.
ReviewBuy at Ulta02/17/23L'OrealTrue Match Super Blendable Makeup New 2023 FormulaC 2.5A97Satin luminousLightweightSponge or BrushHydratingSlightly blurredSlightly smoothedMediumDid not settleNot cakey12+ HoursNoneNoGood for summer1 ozGlass bottle w/ pump47NoneDrugstoreNot CFVegan$13.99 Beautiful foundation with all day wear. Medium coverage right off the bat, comfortable, easy. Solid improvement to the old formula.
ReviewBuy at Ulta03/25/23DiorForever Natural Nude1.5NA97Satin natural luminousVery lightweightBrush or spongeHydratingBlurredSmoothedLight to Low MediumDid not settleNot cakey10 HoursNoneNoGood1 ozGlass bottle w/ pump25NoneHigh EndNot CFUnknown$55 Gorgeous finish - perfect amount of dewy glow. Wears well, doesn't accentuate lines or texture, good smoothing. Very pretty foundation.
ReviewBuy at Sephora03/31/23SaieGlowy Super Skin Hydrobounce Serum FoundationShade 10A97DewyVery lightweightBrushHydratingSlightly blurredSlightly smoothedSheer to LightDid not settleNot cakey10 HoursNoneNoGood for self tanning1 ozGlass bottle w/ pump36NoneHigh EndCruelty freeVegan$40 Beautiful dewy finish. Held up well to a rain storm and some sweating. Glowy finish without feeling sticky. Very nice.
ReviewBuy at Sephora2/8/2019HourglassVanish Seamless Finish StickAlabasterA96Satin naturalVery lightweightBrushVery hydratingBlurredBlurredHigh Med to Full in 1 layerNoNo12 HoursNoneNoExcellent0.25 ozStick26NoneHigh EndCruelty freeUnknown$46 Amazing coverage for one coat this lightweight! Dewy look by end of day. Feels hydrating. Great color match, great blurring. Very little wear off up to 10 hours, then around chin and lower nose. Best coverage with brush.
ReviewBuy at Sephora3/16/2017Estee LauderDouble Wear Stay in Place1C1 Cool BoneA96Satin matteLightweightSpongeNot dryingBlurredBlurredMedium to FullNoNo9++ NoneNoTiny Bit Dark1 ozGlass bottle, no pump38High EndNot CFUnknown$39.50 Excellent long wear. Blurs pores and texture. No settling into lines.
ReviewBuy at Macys6/12/2017MACStudio SculptNW15A96Satin matteSlightly lightweight SpongeVery hydratingSlight blurBlurredHigh Med to Full in 1 layerNoNo10+ HoursNoneNoTiniest bit too dark for winter1.3 ozSqueeze tube19SPF 15High EndNot CFUnknown$34 Looked remarkably good at the 10 hour mark. Barely any wear off - very slightly on chin. Nice finish, comfortable to wear.
ReviewBuy at Ulta6/14/2018Makeup Revolution Fast Base Stick FoundationF2 Fair WarmA96Dewy & LuminousLightweightSponge or BrushSlightly hydratingBlurredSmoothMediumNoNo9+ HoursNoneSet w powderSlightly too yellow.21 ozStick18NoneDrugstoreCruelty freeVegan$9.00 Beautiful! Hydrating, comfortable, does not settle into lines. Dewy finish. Wears well over time.
ReviewBuy at Ulta7/19/2019PURLove Your Selfie Foundation LP4A96Satin to slightly dewyLightweightSponge or BrushHydratingSlight blurSmoothedMediumNoNo12 HoursNoneNoGood1 ozPlastic bottle w/ pump100NoneHigh EndCruelty freeVegan$36 Has pump and doe foot. Excellent wear time. Beautiful finish.
ReviewBuy at Target3/24/2021CoverGirlOutlast Extreme Wear 3 in 1 Foundation820 Creamy NaturalA96Satin matteLightweightSponge or BrushNot dryingSlightly blurredSmoothedLight to MediumDid not settleNot cakey11+ HoursNoneNoGreat1 ozGlass bottle w/ pump21SPF 18DrugstoreCruelty freeUnknown$10.49 Great coverage in 1 pass, beautiful finish. Slight nose wear under a mask but not bad. Comfortable for dry skin.
ReviewBuy at Target6/4/2021NeutrogenaHealthy Skin Radiant Tinted MoisturizerSheer Ivory 10A96Satin naturalVery lightweightFingersHydratingSlight blurSlightly smoothedSheerDid not settleNot cakey9 HoursMaybe slight?Set w powderGood for summer1.1 ozSqueeze tube w/ pump3SPF 30DrugstoreNot CFUnknown$12.99 Very pretty, slightly smoothing, great for no-makeup makeup. Degrades gracefully.
ReviewBuy at Joah10/15/2021Joah BeautyCrystal Glow PrimedationPFN 20A96Satin naturalLightweightSponge or BrushSlightly hydratingSlightly blurredSmoothedLight to MediumOnly into deepest lineNot cakey10 HoursNoneNoGood for winter1 ozPlastic bottle w/ pump24NoneDrugstoreCruelty freeVegan$15.99 Solid coverage in one pass even with sponge, pretty finish, no need to set with powder. Graceful degredation at the 10 hour mark.
ReviewBuy at Sephora12/02/22ValentinoVery Valentino Light-Lasting Perfecting FoundationLN3A96Satin matteVery lightweightBrushHydratingBlurredSmoothedLightDid not settleNot cakey10 HoursNoneNoSlightly too dark1 ozGlass bottle w/ pump40SPF 26High EndNot CFUnknown$67 Fantastically smooth blurred powder finish that blends gorgeously with other powders. Denatured alcohol is high up in the ingredients but I found it to be quite hydrating, even on flaking skin.
ReviewBuy at Ulta01/13/23RevlonIlluminance Skin Caring Foundation117 Light BeigeA96Satin naturalLightweightSponge or brushHydratingSlightly blurredSlightly smoothedLight to MediumDid not settleNot cakey10 HoursNoneNoGood1 ozGlass bottle w/ pump28NoneDrugstoreNot CFUnknown$17.99 Pretty finish, all day comfort. Love the good percentage of squalane in it. Wish it wore a little longer than 10 hours before breaking down.
ReviewBuy at Amazon03/15/23JOAHCrystal Glow Peptide-Infused FoundationFair CoolA96Satin luminousVery lightweightSponge or BrushSlightly hydratingSlightly blurredSmoothedLight to MediumDid not settleNot cakey10 HoursNoneNoGood1 ozPlastic bottle w/ pump24NoneDrugstoreCruelty freeVegan$15.99 Solid coverage in one pass even with sponge, pretty finish, no need to set with powder. Graceful degredation at the 10 hour mark.
ReviewBuy at Ulta10/4/2019NyxBorn to Glow Naturally RadiantLight IvoryA95Dewy & LuminousVery lightweightSponge or BrushHydratingBlurredSmoothedLight to MediumNoNo10 HoursNoneSet w powderGood for winter1.01 ozSqueeze tube45NoneDrugstoreCruelty freeVegan$10 Beautiful finish, very smoothing, hydrating and very comfortable.
ReviewBuy at Ulta1/15/2020Estee LauderFuturist Hydra Rescue Moisturizing Makeup1N2 EcruA95Natural GlowLightweightBrush then spongeHydratingBlurredSlightly smoothedLight to MediumNoClings slightly to bad dry patches12+ HoursNoneSet w powderSlightly too dark1.18 ozSqueeze tube w/ pump20SPF 45High EndNot CFNo$45 Beautiful finish, wears well, degrades gracefully.
ReviewBuy at YesStyle1/8/2021MizonSnail Repair Intensive BB CreamShade 21A95Satin naturalLightweightFingers or SpongeHydratingBlurredVery SmoothedMediumDid not settleNot cakey10+ HoursNoneNoGood1.6 ozSqueeze tube4SPF 50DrugstoreCruelty freeUnknown$12.90 Excellent wear, exceptionally smoothing, nice natural satin finish.
ReviewBuy at ShopMissA3/12/2021AOA StudioProwear FoundationBuffA95SatinAverageSponge or BrushNot dryingSlightly blurredSmoothedLight to MediumDid not settleNo caking12+ HoursNoneSet w powderTiny bit too dark for winter1 ozSqueeze bottle15NoneDrugstoreCruelty freeUnknown$1.55 Excellent coverage, very smoothing, great wear time. Could feel more lightweight but doggone, this is nice! And so is the price!
ReviewBuy at CVS4/23/2021JOAHPerfect Complexion BB CreamVanillaA95Satin luminousVery lightweightSponge or FingersHydratingBlurredSmoothedLightDid not settleNot cakey8+ HoursNoneNoSummer shade1 ozSqueeze tube6NoneDrugstoreCruelty freeUnknown$8.99 Beautifully smoothing and can handle a full face of makeup even with light coverage. Very comfortable. Wish there were more shades.
ReviewBuy on Amazon5/19/2021CoverGirlCG Smoothers BB CreamFair to LightA95Satin naturalVery lightweightFingersHydratingSlight blurSmoothedSheerDid not settleNo8+ HoursNoneSet w powderGood1 ozSqueeze tube3SPF 21DrugstoreCruelty freeUnknown$10 Very sheer as it claims. Hydrating, comfortable, quite smoothing. Great base for powder foundation.
ReviewBuy at Sephora10/22/2021Beauty BlenderBounce Always On Radiant Skin TintLight 3A95Satin luminous dewyVery lightweightFingersHydratingSlight blurSlightly smoothedLight to Light MediumDid not settleNot cakey10 HoursNoneNoGood1 ozGlass bottle w/ dropper20NoneHigh EndCruelty freeUnknown$29 Pretty finish, dewy - a tiny bit on the plastic-dewy look at the end of the day but very nicely hydrating and comfortable, super lightweight.
ReviewBuy at Sephora06/10/22One SizeTurn Up the Base BBB CreamLight Neutral 3A95Satin matteLightweightFingersNot dryingSlightly blurredSmoothedMediumDid not settleNot cakey10 HoursNoneNoGood for summer/self tanning1 ozSqueeze tube18NoneHigh EndCruelty freeUnknown$33 Nice coverage, smoothing, degrades gracefully. Held up to sweat quite well.
ReviewBuy at Ulta10/6/2017Too FacedPeach Perfect Comfort MattePorcelainA94Soft matteLightweightSponge or BrushSlightly dryingSlight blurSmoothLight to MediumNoNo10+ HoursNoneNoSlightly dark, slightly yellow1.60 ozSqueeze tube12NoneHigh EndCruelty freeVegan$36 Slight accentuation of deeper lines around mouth. No settling into lines at all. Trouble blending concealer into foundation.
ReviewBuy at Sephora6/10/2018IliaTrue Skin Serum FoundationTexelA94Natural dewyVery lightweightSponge or BrushHydratingBlurredSmoothMediumNoNo8 HoursNoneSet w powderGood1 ozGlass bottle w/ pump10NoneHigh EndCruelty freeVegan$54 SUPER easy blending concealer & powder on top. Must set w powder for longevity. Phenomenally comfortable. Would be higher grade w more shades.
ReviewBuy at Ulta10/5/2018Makeup RevolutionConceal & Define Full CoverageF4A 94Satin natural luminousLightweightSponge or BrushSlightly hydratingBlurredSmoothedMedium to FullNoNo12 HoursNoneNoGood for end of summer0.85 ozGlass bottle w/ doe foot24NoneDrugstoreCruelty freeVegan$12.00 Superior smoothing of texture. Very pretty finish. Not transfer resistant to touch.
ReviewBuy at Beautylish4/24/2020By TerryTerrybly Densiliss Anti Wrinkle Serum Foundation5 Medium PeachA 94SatinVery lightweightSponge or BrushHydratingBlurredSmoothedLight to MediumNoNot cakey9 HoursNoneNoSlightly too dark1 ozGlass bottle w/ pump13NoneHigh EndNot CFUnknown$116 Incredibly smooth. Skin felt and looked amazing even after taking it off. Strong fragrance.
ReviewBuy at NARS3/23/2020NARSTinted Glow BoosterKalvoya LightA94Dewy & LuminousVery lightweightSponge or FingersSlightly dryingSlightly blurredSmoothedSheerNoNot cakey10 HoursNoneSet w powderGood1 ozGlass bottle w/ pump4NoneHigh EndNot CFUnknown$39 Similar to CT Hollywood Flawless Filter with a tiny bit more coverage. Nice for no-makeup makeup.
ReviewBuy at Sephora3/20/2020Make Up For EverReboot Active Care Revitalizing FoundationR230A94Natural DewyLightweightSponge or BrushSlightly hydratingSlight blurSlightly smoothedLight to MediumNoNo10+ HoursHalf shade darkerSet w powderGood 1 ozGlass bottle w/ pump24NoneHigh EndNot CFUnknown$39 Long wear, beautiful finish, graceful wear away.
ReviewBuy at Ulta7/19/2021MaybellineDream BB PureLightA94Matte not flatVery lightweightFingersNot dryingSlight polka dot poresSlightly smoothedSheer to lightDid not settleNot cakey9 HoursMaybe a tiny bitNoGood for summer1 ozSqueeze tube5NoneDrugstoreNot CFUnknown$8.99 Pretty finish, not super matte on me. Not drying. Tiny bit of polka dot pores on nose but otherwise degrades gracefully and wears well.
ReviewBuy at Ulta12/17/2017MACStudio Fix FluidNW10A-93Satin matteLightweightBrush slightly better, both fineNot dryingBlurredBlurredMedium to High MedNoNo12 HoursNoneNoExcellent1 ozGlass bottle, no pump43SPF 20High EndNot CFNo$29 No settling at all into fine lines. Did not transfer when wearing sunglasses. Very comfortable.
ReviewUnavailable11/10/2017RevlonAge Defying 3XFresh IvoryA-93Satin naturalAverageBrush for coverage, sponge to blendNot dryingVisibleSlightly smoothedMedium to High MedNoSlightly heavy around mouth8 HoursVery slightNoExcellent1 ozGlass bottle w/ pump12SPF 20DrugstoreNot CFNo$13 Heavy/separates slightly along deep wrinkles. No settling elsewhere.
ReviewBuy at withSimplicity2/9/2018With SimplicityOrganic Liquid FoundationShade 02A-93Satin naturalLightweightSponge or BrushNot dryingVisibleSlightly smoothedLight to MediumNoNo9 HoursNoneNoGood1 ozPlastic bottle w/ pump8NoneHigh EndCruelty freeVegan$34 Very beautiful skin-like finish. Strong vanilla fragrance.
ReviewBuy at Ulta9/28/2018RevlonPhoto Ready Candid Foundation130 IvoryA-93Satin naturalVery lightweightSponge or BrushNot dryingBlurredSmoothedLight to MediumNoNo12 HoursNoneNoGood0.75 ozSqueeze tube w/ pump31NoneDrugstoreNot CFNo$10.99 Anti blue light. Very pretty finish and wears well, degrades gracefully. Natural finish.
ReviewBuy at Ulta11/20/2018CoverGirlTruBlend Matte MadeShade 140A-93Satin naturalLightweightSponge or BrushSlightly dryingSlight blurSmoothedLight to MediumNoNo12 HoursNoneNoGood mixed w shade 1201 ozGlass bottle w/ pump40NoneDrugstoreCruelty freeUnknown$11.49 Very pretty finish - not quite matte. Slightly drying but otherwise great!
ReviewBuy at Ulta5/10/2019TarteBabassu Foundcealer13N Fair NeutralA-93Natural DewyLightweightBrushHydratingBlurredSmoothedLightInto deeper linesNo8 HoursNoneSet w powderGood1 ozPlastic bottle w/ pump30SPF 20High EndCruelty freeVegan$39 Very pretty and very comfortable for dry skin.
ReviewBuy at Ulta3/8/2019ClarinsSkin Illusion Natural Hydrating Foundation102.5 PorcelainA-93Natural DewyVery lightweightFingersVery hydratingSlight blurSmoothedSheer to lightNoNo8 HoursHalf shade darkerSet w powderSlightly too dark after oxidation1 ozGlass bottle w/ pump22NoneHigh EndNot CFUnknown$44.00 Very pretty on the skin. Oxidizes slightly (half shade to a shade darker) after the first hour. Very comfortable.
ReviewBuy at Sephora8/2/2019Pat McGrathSublime Perfection FoundationLight 6A-93Satin to slightly dewyVery lightweightSponge or BrushHydratingSlight blurSmoothedMediumNoNo8 HoursNoneNoGood for summer1.18 ozGlass bottle w/ pump36NoneHigh EndNot CFNo$68 Gorgeous finish. Poor longevity with PMG Primer and Powder. FAR better with other primers and no powder. Love it.
ReviewBuy at Kokie11/1/2019Kokie CosmeticsFull Cover Foundation20CA-93Satin matteAverageBrushNot dryingBlurredSmoothedMediumNoNo11+ HoursNoneSlightly tacky throughout the dayToo dark1 ozGlass bottle w/ pump18NoneDrugstoreCruelty freeUnknown$13.00 Very pretty finish, long wearing, not drying. Not many shades at the pale end of the spectrum. Contains alcohol and fruit extracts.
ReviewBuy at Ulta12/11/2019ZoevaAuthentik Skin Luminous Foundation 090C CharismaticA-93Satin naturalLightweightSponge or BrushTiny bit dryingSlight blurSlightly smoothedMedium to FullMinimalClings a tiny bit to major texture12 HoursNoneSet w powderGood for summer1 ozGlass bottle w/ pump44NoneHigh EndCruelty freeUnknown$28 Wears wonderfully 12+ hours. Natural finish, great coverage. Just a tiny bit drying.
ReviewBuy at Ulta1/24/2020Wet n WildPhoto Focus DewyShell IvoryA-93Dewy NaturalLightweightSponge or BrushHydratingSlight blurSlightly smoothedMedium to FullNoClings slightly to flaking skin8 HoursNoneNoGood0.95 ozGlass bottle w/ spatula14NoneDrugstoreCruelty freeVegan$6.49 Very pretty finish, luminous but not shiny. Feels great. Wear time could be a little better.
ReviewBuy at CVS1/31/2020Physicians FormulaNatural DefensePorcelainA-93Satin natural luminousVery lightweightSponge or brushNot dryingBlurredSmoothedSheer to lightInto deeper linesNot cakey7 HoursNoneSet w powderGood for winter1 ozSqueeze tube w/ pump12SPF 30DrugstoreCruelty freeUnknown$15.99 Beautiful finish, blurs pores and smooths texture. SPF Primer oil is great, too!
ReviewBuy at Revolution10/9/2020Revolution ProCC Perfecting FoundationF3A-93DewyLightweightBrushNot dryingSlightly blurredVery SmoothedMediumNo settlingNot cakey12+ HoursNoneNoGood 1 ozSqueeze tube w/ pump30SPF 30DrugstoreCruelty freeUnknown$15 Beautiful finish, super smooth, excellent wear time. Clings slightly along hairline, finicky with a sponge.
ReviewBuy at Ulta10/30/2020Exa BeautyHigh Fidelity Foundation480 LiamA-93Dewy & LuminousVery lightweightSponge or Brush or FingersSlightly hydratingBlurredSlightly smoothedLight to MediumNo settlingNot cakey10+ HoursNoneSet w powderGood 1.1 ozGlass bottle w/ pump43NoneHigh EndCruelty freeVegan$38 Beautiful blurring of pores, smoothing. Your skin but better. Needs slight blot or powder after 8 hours. Gorgeous at the 10 hour mark.
ReviewBuy at Ulta1/15/2021MilaniGlow Hydrating Skin TintFair to LightA-93DewyVery lightweightFingersHydratingSlightly blurredSlightly smoothedSheer to LightDid not settleNot cakey12 HoursNoneSet w powderGood1 ozSqueeze tube4NoneDrugstoreCruelty freeVegan$11.99 Total Glossier Skin Tint dupe with a tiny bit more coverage. Glass skin, or use as a base for powder foundation. Good wear time. Pretty.
ReviewBuy at Sephora02/24/23Makeup by MarioSurreal Skin5NA-93Satin naturalLightweightBrushHydratingSlightly blurredSlightly smoothedLight to MediumDid not settleClings a little bit to dry patches12+ HoursNoneNoGood1 ozGlass bottle w/ pump30NoneHigh EndCruelty freeVegan$42 Pretty finish and excellent wear over time, solid long wear. Comfortable. Sits on top of the skin a little bit on dry patches but not too bad.
ReviewBuy at Sephora04/07/23Laura MercierReal Flawless Foundation1C2 ChiffonA-93Satin naturalVery lightweightBrushSlightly hydratingSlightly blurredSlightly smoothedLight to MediumDid not settleNot cakey10+ HoursNoneNoGood1 ozGlass bottle w/ pump30 NoneHigh EndCruelty freeUnknown$48 Very pretty finish - not matte, not dewy, just right. Easy coverage. Very lightweight and easy to wear.
ReviewBuy at Ulta9/18/2017IT CosmeticsBye Bye LinesFairA-92Satin naturalLightweightBrushHydratingSlight blurBlurredLight to MediumNoNo8+ HoursNoneSet w powderNeutral to warm, slight yellow1 ozPlastic bottle w/ pump7NoneHigh EndCruelty freeUnknown$38 Great skin care ingredients. Very comfortable and hydrating. Product moves around a bit when first applied. Buildable.
ReviewBuy at Ulta9/20/2017BareMineralsBarePro Performance Wear04 AspenA-92Natural MatteLightweightBrush for coverage, sponge to blendVery slightly dryingSlight blurBlurredMedium to FullSlight into deep linesNo12 HoursNoneSelf settingGood1 ozGlass bottle w/ pump30SPF 20High EndCruelty freeUnknown$34 Doesn't need to be set. Builds very nicely. Nice long wear, comfortable. Minimally drying after 12 hours, doable for dry skin.
ReviewBuy at CVS1/12/2018RimmelLasting Finish Breathable 25 Hour081 Fair IvoryA-92Satin matteVery lightweightSpongeNot dryingVisibleSlightly smoothedLight to MediumNoSlight around nose9+ HoursNoneNoGood to slightly too light1 ozGlass bottle w/ doe foot17SPF 20DrugstoreNot CFNo$12 Slightly patchy finish, some redness around nose and chin. Wears incredibly well beyond 9 hours. Very comfortable. Does not need to be set with powder.
ReviewBuy at Sephora11/22/2019ShiseidoSynchro Skin Self-Refreshing Foundation220 LinenA-92Satin naturalLightweightBrushSlightly hydratingBlurredSmoothedLight to MediumNoVery slight clinging to very dry patches10 HoursNoneNoExcellent1 ozGlass bottle w/ pump30SPF 30High EndNot CFUnknown$47 Very pretty finish, smoothing. Clings a tiny bit to very dry skin but otherwise wears well.
ReviewBuy at Ulta4/17/2020LoracPro Soft Focus Longwear FoundationShade 2A-92Satin matteLightweightSponge or BrushNot dryingSlight blurSlightly smoothedMedium to FullNoClings just a tiny bit to flaking skin13 HoursNoneSet w powderGood for summer1 ozGlass bottle w/ pump23NoneHigh EndCruelty freeVegan$38 Excellent long wear, pretty finish that gets more luminous throughout the day. Great coverage in 1 layer.
ReviewBuy at Amazon6/19/2020PeriperaInkLasting Cover Foundation2 BeigeA-92Satin naturalLightweightBrush for coverage, sponge to blendSlightly hydratingBlurredSmoothedMedium to FullInto deeper linesSlight clinging to dry patches8 HoursNoneSet w powderGood for summer1 ozSqueeze bottle3NoneDrugstoreNot CFNo$12 Pretty finish, super coverage. A little goes a long way. Doesn't wear as long as I'd like but otherwise quite good.
ReviewBuy at Ulta1/22/2021RevlonColor Stay Light Cover Foundation110 IvoryA-92Satin naturalVery lightweightSpongeNot hydrating, not dryingSlightly blurredSlightly smoothedLightSettles into deeper linesNot cakey10+ hoursNoneSet w powderGood1 ozSqueeze bottle12SPF 34DrugstoreNot CFUnknown$13.99 Beautiful, wears well, comfortable. Tiny bit dry feeling after 10 hours but fine the rest of the day.
ReviewBuy at Jones Road3/10/2021Jones Road BeautyFace PencilShade 01A-92Satin naturalExceptionally lightweightFingersSlightly hydratingSlightly blurredSlightly smoothedSheer to lightDid not settleClings slightly to edges of flaking skin8 HoursNoneSet w powderSlightly too light2.9 gPencil25NoneHigh EndCruelty freeUnknown$25 Your skin but better. Works best over a highly emollient moisturizer if you have dry skin.
ReviewBuy at Ulta7/2/2021DermablendContinuous Correction CC Cream20N A-92SatinLightweightSpongeHydratingBlurredSmoothedMedium to FullDid not settleNot cakey11 HoursNoneNoGood1 ozSqueeze tube w/ pump16SPF 50High EndCruelty freeUnknown$39 Fantastic coverage, super comfortable and hydrating. Doesn't hold up great in humidity and gets more dewy throughout the day but overall great!
ReviewBuy at Sephora11/12/2021LawlessConseal Conceal the Deal Longwear FoundationChampagneA-92Satin matteLightweightBrush or spongeNot dryingSlightly blurredVery SmoothedMediumDid not settleNot cakey10 HoursNoneNoGood1 ozSqueeze bottle28NoneHigh EndCruelty freeVegan$39 Self-setting as described. Might be a tiny bit drying in the winter but maybe not - very smoothing, transfers a little under masks. Degrades gracefully.
ReviewBuy at Jones Road09/02/22Jones Road BeautyWTF What the FoundationFairA-92Very dewyVery lightweightBrushVery hydratingSlightly blurredSlightly smoothedLight to Light MediumMinimalNot cakey8 HoursNoneSlightly tacky - may want to set with powderExcellent0.8 ozJar12NoneHigh EndCruelty freeVegan$44 Got several compliments on this day one! Very dewy - might want to set w powder. Very hydrating, very pretty finish. Degrades gracefully.
ReviewBuy at Ulta12/11/2016L'OrealInfallible Total Cover301 Classic IvoryA-91Natural matteWeightlessBrushNot dryingSlight blurSlightly smoothedMedium to FullNoSlight around nose9 HoursNoneDry finishGood1 ozSqueeze tube12NoneDrugstoreNot CFUnknown$13 Very nice finish. Starts to wear off/break down after 9 Hours. Works for dry skin!
ReviewBuy at CT6/2/2016Charlotte TilburyMagic FoundationFair 2.0A-91Satin naturalLightweightSponge or BrushHydratingSlight blurSlightly smoothedLight to MediumNoClings slightly to dry patches9+ HoursNoneNoSlightly too light1 ozGlass bottle w/ pump15SPF 15High EndCruelty freeUnknown$44
ReviewBuy at Sephora11/9/2018La MerSoft Fluid FoundationIvoryA-91LuminousLightweightSponge or BrushNot dryingSlight blurSmoothedLight to MediumSlight into deep linesNo8 HoursNoneNoGood1 ozGlass bottle w/ pump20SPF 20High EndNot CFNo$120.00 Gorgeous skin-like finish. Didn't wear as long as hoped. B+ to A- giving it the benefit of the doubt for the Miracle Broth skin care.
ReviewBuy at Sephora9/20/2019Charlotte TilburyAirbrush Flawless Foundation3 CoolA-91MatteLightweightBrushSlightly hydratingBlurredSmoothedMedium to FullNoVery slight clinging to peeling skin10 HoursNoneSet w powderSlightly too dark1 ozGlass bottle w/ pump44NoneHigh EndCruelty freeVegan$44.00 Very smoothing, wears well. Finish looks a little dry but doesn't feel dry.
ReviewBuy at Shop Miss A2/7/2020AOA StudioDrop Liquid FoundationBuffA-91Satin naturalVery lightweightBrushNot dryingBlurredSmoothedLight to MediumNoVery slightly on flaking skin10 HoursAbout half shadeSet w powderGood for winter0.64 ozGlass bottle w/ dropper18NoneDrugstoreCruelty freeVegan$1.88 Beautiful finish, smoothing, no issues with settling. Clings just a tiny bit to flaking/very dry skin. Shockingly inexpensive.
ReviewBuy at Sephora7/16/2021Armani BeautyNeo Nude FoundationShade 4.25A-91Slightly dewyVery lightweightFingersVery hydratingSlightly blurredSlightly smoothedSheer to lightDid not settleNot cakey9 HoursNoneNoGood1 ozSqueeze tube24NoneHigh EndNot CFUnknown$40 Beautiful natural slightly dewy finish, surprisingly smoothing for such light coverage. Wish it wore a bit longer than 9 hours.
ReviewBuy at Sephora10/18/2021Charlotte TilburyLight Wonder2 FairA-91Satin naturalVery lightweightFingersHydratingSlightly blurredVery SmoothedSheerDid not settleNot cakey10 HoursNoneNoGood1.4 ozSqueeze tube12NoneHigh EndCruelty freeUnknown$46 Comfortable and pretty. Slight transfer under masks. Excellent wear time, hydrating. Sheer coverage.
ReviewBuy at Sephora09/19/22RMS BeautyReEvolve Natural Finish FoundationShade 11.5A-91Satin naturalLightweightSponge or BrushSlightly hydratingSlightly blurredSlightly smoothedMediumSettles into deeper linesNot cakey9 HoursNoneNoGood for summer.98 ozPlastic bottle w/ pump15NoneHigh EndCruelty freeUnknown$48 Could degrade a little more gracefully and wear a little longer. Overall pretty finish and good coverage and nice blurring and smoothing.
ReviewBuy at Sephora1/25/2018Cover FXNatural Finish FoundationP20 A-90Natural DewyLightweightSpongeSlightly hydratingSlight blurSmoothHigh Light to MediumNoNo9 HoursNoneSet w powderGood1 ozSqueeze tube40NoneHigh EndCruelty freeVegan$42 Water based formula. Very pretty luminous finish.
ReviewBuy at Sephora3/5/2018StellarLimitless FoundationS02A-90Satin naturalLightweightSponge or BrushVery slightly dryingSlight blurSlightly smoothedMediumNoNo10 HoursSlightNoGood until oxidation1.01 ozPlastic bottle w/ pump22NoneHigh EndCruelty freeVegan$38 Oxidized slightly yellow a half shade. No settling into lines at all. Tiny bit drying after 9 hours. Very nice wear over time.
ReviewBuy at Walgreens4/20/2018CYOLifeproof Long Lasting Foundation104A-90Satin matteVery lightweightBrushSlightly dryingVisibleSlightly smoothedLight to Light MediumNoNo11+ HoursNoneNoGood1 ozPlastic bottle w/ pump15NoneDrugstoreCruelty freeVegan$7 Transfer-proof and exceptionally lightweight - super comfortable! No caking or settling.
ReviewBuy at Osmosis12/21/2018OsmosisPerformance Wear Satin FoundationFairA-90Satin naturalLightweightSponge or BrushNot dryingSlight blurSlightly smoothedLight to Light MediumNoNo12 HoursNoneSet w powderGood1 ozPlastic bottle w/ pump7NoneHigh EndCruelty freeVegan$48 Very pretty, wears very well. Slight transfer. Clean ingredients with some anti-aging benefits.
ReviewBuy at Sephora8/23/2019Anastasia Beverly HillsLuminous Foundation140NA-90LuminousLightweightSpongeSlightly dryingSlight blurSlightly smoothedMediumDid not settleNot cakey10 HoursNoneSet w powderGood1.01 ozGlass bottle w/ pump50NoneHigh EndCruelty freeVegan$38.00 Beautiful finish. Does not cling to dry patches or flaking. Comfortable luminous finish. Degrades gracefully.
ReviewBuy at Sephora11/4/2019GuerlainL'Essentiel Natural Glow 16HR Foundation00CA-90Satin luminousLightweightSpongeNot dryingBlurredSmoothedLight to MediumAfter 6 HoursNot cakey9 HoursNoneSet w powderGood for winter1 ozGlass bottle w/ pump30SPF 20High EndNot CFUnknown$60 Very pretty but started breaking down after 9 hours, nowhere near the 16 hour claim.
ReviewBuy at Ulta3/9/2020Colour PopPretty Fresh Tinted MoisturizerFair 3 WarmA-90Satin NaturalLightweightFingersNot dryingSlight polka dot poresSlightly smoothedLightNoVery slight clinging to peeling skin12 HoursNoneSet w powderSlightly too warm1.45 ozSqueeze tube w/ pump24NoneDrugstoreCruelty freeVegan$14 Pretty finish. Must set w powder. No cool shades in the fair range.
ReviewBuy at Macys2/21/2020ClarinsEverlasting Foundation + Shade 103A-90Satin matteVery lightweightBrushSlightly dryingSlightly blurredSlightly smoothedLight to Light MediumNoClings slightly to peeling skin10+ HoursNoneNoGood for winter1.1 ozGlass bottle w/ pump10SPF 15High EndNot CFNo$44 Don't need to set with powder. Doesn't transfer wearing sunglasses. Clings to peeling skin but not noticable at a conversational distance.
ReviewBuy at Sephora5/15/2020IliaSuper Serum Skin Tint SPF4003 BalosA-90Dewy & LuminousVery lightweightBrushSlightly dryingBlurredSlightly smoothedSheer to LightSlightly into deeper linesNot cakey8-9 HoursNoneSet w powderGood for summer1 ozGlass bottle w/ dropper18SPF 40High EndCruelty freeVegan$46 Very pretty. Clings to flaking skin. Built in color matching can be spotty on dry patches. Comfortable.
ReviewBuy at Ulta7/31/2020Colour PopPretty Fresh Hyaluronic Hydrating FoundationLight 55 NeutralA-90Natural Glow DewyLightweightSponge or BrushHydratingSlight blurSlightly smoothedMediumInto deeper linesNot cakey12+ HoursNoneNoGood for summer1 ozGlass bottle w/ pump42NoneDrugstoreCruelty freeVegan$16 Beautiful and smooth. Doesn't blur wrinkles but doesn't accentuate. Long wearing. Transfers a little bit.
ReviewBuy at Ulta8/6/2021GarnierSkinActive BB Cream Anti AgingLight/MediumA-90Slightly dewyVery lightweightFingersNot dryingSlight blurSlightly smoothedSheerDid not settleNot cakey10+ HoursNoneNoGood for summer1 ozSqueeze tube1SPF 15DrugstoreCruelty freeUnknown$15 Very pretty, long wearing base for light coverage makeup. No need to set with powder. Wish it was a little more hydrating and had more shades.
ReviewBuy at MAC3/15/2017MACMineralizeNC20B+89Very dewyLightweightSponge or BrushHydratingBlurredSmoothLight to MediumVery slightNo<8 HoursNoneNoToo Dark, Too Yellow1 ozGlass bottle w/ pump8NoneHigh EndNot CFUnknown$38 Very comfortable. Super smooth.
ReviewBuy at Target2016RimmelLasting Finish 25 Hour091 Light IvoryB+89NaturalAverageSpongeNot dryingSlight blurSlightly visibleLight to Light MedVery slightSlight around nose9++ NoneSet w powderGood1 ozGlass bottle, no pump7SPF 20DrugstoreCruelty freeUnknown$7 Looks heavy at 2 coats.
ReviewBuy at Walmart3/9/2018LalafoxSecond Skin FoundationPetal BeigeB+89Satin naturalVery lightweightSponge or BrushSlightly dryingSlight blurBlurredMediumNoNo9+ HoursNoneNoSlightly Dark1.01 ozPlastic bottle w/ pump5NoneDrugstoreNoNo$10 Very comfortable. Smoothes. Does not settle into lines. Very pretty finish, wears very well.
ReviewBuy at Doll1012/7/2018Doll 10Hydragel FoundationFairB+89Satin naturalLightweightSponge or BrushSlightly hydratingVisibleSlightly smoothedLight to Low MediumNoNo12 Hours1 shade darkerSet w powder1 ozSqueeze tube4NoneHigh EndCruelty freeUnknown$38 Natural skin-like finish, wears well, no settling into lines. Degrades gracefully. Terrible shade range.
ReviewBuy at By Terry4/24/2020By TerryHyaluronic Hydra Foundation 100 CoolB+89Satin naturalVery lightweightSponge or BrushSlightly hydratingVisibleSlightly smoothedSheer to LightSettles into deeper linesNot cakey9 HoursNoneSet w powderGood for winter1 ozGlass bottle w/ dropper15SPF 30High EndNot CFVegan$59 Pretty finish, hides flaking skin well. Slight polka dot pores over time. Comfortable and hydrating.
ReviewBuy at Sephora5/8/2020Kevyn AucoinStripped Nude Skin TintST 03B+89Natural DewyVery lightweightSponge or BrushHydratingVisibleSlightly smoothedSheer to LightInto deeper linesNot cakey8 HoursNoneNoGood for summer1 ozSqueeze tube w/ pump10NoneHigh EndCruelty freeVegan$42 Did not have to set with powder, but broke down after 8 hours without being set. Pretty finish, dewy skin-like.
ReviewBuy at Ulta9/4/2020IT CosmeticsYour Skin But Better Foundation + SkincareLight Cool 20B+89Satin matteVery lightweightSponge or BrushSlightly hydratingSlight blurSmoothedLight to Light MediumInto deeper linesClings to flaking dry skin10 HoursNoneNoGood for winter1 ozGlass bottle w/ pump40NoneHigh EndCruelty freeUnknown$39.50 Nice wear time but not at all radiant as described. Looks great on less troubled skin. Comfortable. Accentuates flaking skin and coverage could be better.
ReviewBuy at Ulta2/13/2021CliniqueEven Better Clinical Serum FoundationCN10 AlabasterB+89Satin naturalLightweightSponge or brushSlightly hydratingVisibleVery SmoothedMediumDid not settleHandles dry patches very well, barely visible12+ hoursNoneNoExcellent1 ozGlass bottle w/ pump42SPF 25High EndNot CFUnknown$42 Beautiful easy coverage. Doesn't do much to smooth lines or pores but doesn't accentuate them. Excellent wear time, holds up to sunglasses. Very pretty.
ReviewBuy at Sephora4/30/2021Fenty BeautyEaze Drop Blurring Skin TintShade 3B+89Satin naturalVery lightweightSponge or FingersNot dryingSlight polka dot poresSmoothedSheer to lightDid not settleNot cakey10 HoursNoneNoGood1.08 ozSqueeze bottle25NoneHigh EndCruelty freeVegan$29.50 Don't need to set with powder. Very nicely blurring and smoothing though does sink into pores a tiny bit. Comfortable. Not super hydrating but is OK for dry skin.
ReviewBuy at Sephora5/28/2021YSLTouche Eclat Radiance Awakening Radiant FoundationBR10 Cool PorcelainB+89Satin naturalLightweightBrushHydratingTiny bit of settling by end of daySmoothedLight to MediumDid not settleNot cakey9 HoursNoneNoGood1 ozGlass bottle w/ pump29SPF 22High EndNot CFUnknown$54 Very pretty, feels soft on the skin, hydrating. Wear time could be better. Starts to break down around 9 hours.
ReviewBuy at YesStyle12/31/2021KlavuuUrban Pearlsation High Coverage Tension Cushion21 Light BeigeB+89Satin naturalLightweightSpongeNot dryingSlight blurSlightly smoothedMediumSlight into deep linesNot cakey10 HoursNoneNoSlightly too light0.53 ozCushion compact3SPF 50High EndCruelty freeUnknown$22 Excellent coverage easily, pretty finish, holds up well under a mask. Wish there were more shades.
ReviewBuy at Ulta08/26/22HourglassAmbient Soft Glow FoundationShade 4.5B+89Satin matteVery lightweightSpongeHydratingSlightly visibleSlightly visibleLight to MediumSettled a bit into all linesNot cakey10 HoursNoneNoGood1 ozGlass bottle w/ pump32NoneHigh EndCruelty freeVegan$58 More matte than I expected. Settled into lines for the first half hour or so - once I tapped it out several times it stopped settling. Good coverage, very comfortable.
ReviewBuy at Sephora03/10/23KVD Vegan BeautyGood Apple Serum FoundationLight 012B+89Satin matteLightweightBrushTiny bit dryingSlightly blurredSlightly smoothedMedium to High MedDid not settleClings a tiny bit to flaking skin10+ HoursNoneNoGood1 ozGlass bottle w/ pump40NoneHigh EndCruelty freeVegan$42 Less dry skin than mine can probably eeek an A grade out of this one - very easy to wear, pretty finish, solid coverage. Rare matte for dry skin.
ReviewBuy at Ulta3/14/2017CliniqueChubby in the NudeIntense IvoryB+88Natural DewyWeightlessBrushSlightly oilySmoothSmoothLight to Light MedNoNo10-12 HoursNoneStays tackySlightly Dark0.21 ozStick10NoneHigh EndNot CFUnknown$24 Vanishes over time after 10 hours. Comfortable. Should probably grade down to B.
ReviewBuy at Ulta9/1/2017SmashboxStudio Skin 15 Hour HydratingShade 1.0B+88Soft matteLightweightSponge or BrushHydratingSlight blurVisibleMediumNoSlightly heavy around mouth8+ HoursNoneNoGood, slightly yellow1 ozGlass bottle w/ pump22NoneHigh EndCruelty freeUnknown$42 Comfortable for dry skin. Transfer resistant. .
ReviewBuy at Walmart3/6/2018CoverGirlAdvanced Radiance Age Defying Makeup105 IvoryB+88Satin naturalAverageSpongeNot dryingSlight blurSlightly smoothedLight to MediumNoNo10 HoursSlightSet w powderGood until oxidation1 ozPlastic bottle w/ pump11SPF 10DrugstoreCruelty freeUnknown$9 Wears very well over time. About half shade oxidation (darker, not orange). Nice finish.
ReviewBuy at Ulta3/30/2018L'OrealTrue Match Super Blendable Makeup Original FormulaN3 Natural BuffB+88NaturalLightweightSponge or BrushNot dryingVisibleSlightly smoothedLight to MediumNoNo9+ HoursNoneNoGood for self tanning1 ozGlass bottle, no pump33SPF 17DrugstoreNoNo$10.99 Comfortable, looked quite good at 9 hours. Finish looks slightly dry but formula is not drying.
ReviewBuy at Sephora6/8/2018Kevyn AucoinEtherealistEF01 LightB+88Satin naturalVery lightweightSponge or BrushNot dryingSlight blurSmoothMediumSlightNo8+ HoursNoneSet w powderSlightly too light0.95 ozPlastic bottle w/ pump16NoneHigh EndCruelty freeNo$58 Moves around a bit. Stipple to apply - don't buff. Not transfer resistant. Comfortable. Very pretty finish. Very little settling in to lines and not drying.
ReviewBuy at Ulta6/21/2018PhilosophyMiracle Worker Foundation3 Fair LightB+88Satin naturalLightweightBrush or spongeNot dryingSlight blurSmoothedMediumNoNo8 HoursNoneSet w powderGood1 ozGlass bottle w/ pump8SPF 30High EndUnknownUnknown$40.00 Comfortable. Wears well for about 8 hours then degrades gracefully. Slight polka dot pores after 9 hours. Shade numbering is not consistent to other lines in the brand.
ReviewBuy at Sephora9/6/2019FentyPro Filt'r Hydrating Longwear FoundationShade 170B+88Dewy & LuminousSlightly heavySponge or BrushSlightly hydratingSlight blurSlightly smoothedMedium to FullInto deeper linesCaked where set with powder12+ HoursNoneSlightly tackyGood for summer1.08 ozSqueeze tube w/ pump50NoneHigh EndCruelty freeUnknown$35 Very pretty. Good coverage that holds up, but doesn't set down completely and doesn't take well to setting with powder.
ReviewBuy at Sephora27-NovHuda BeautyFaux Filter Skin Finish Buildable Coverage Stick210B ChaiB+88Satin naturalLightweightBrushDryingVisibleVisibleLight to MediumDid not settleNot cakey10 HoursNoneNoSummer shade0.44 ozStick39NoneHigh EndCruelty freeUnknown$39 Very pretty finish but feels very tight/drying at the 5 hour mark.
ReviewBuy at Sephora3/26/2021Danessa MyricksVision Cream Cover Foundation3 NeutralB+88Satin matteLightweightBrush or spongeNot dryingVisibleSlightly smoothedMedium to FullSettles into deeper linesClings a tiny bit to dry skin8+ HoursNoneNoToo dark, might work for summer.34 ozPump23NoneHigh EndCruelty freeVegan$22 Feels lightweight but looks heavy in spots. Velvet matte finish emphasizes micro wrinkles until later in the day when the finish gets a bit more dewy. Exceptionally comfortable to wear. Excellent coverage.
ReviewBuy at Ulta05/06/22MaybellineInstant Age Rewind Perfector 4 in 1 Whipped MatteShade LightB+88MatteLightweightFingersNot dryingSlight settlingSmoothedLightDid not settleNot cakey in 1st layer10 HoursNoneNoGood1 ozSqueeze tube6NoneDrugstoreNot CFUnknown$14.99 Odd texture but once applied, nice soft skin feel. Clings to baby hairs and not very buildable. Pretty on the skin and not drying, very smoothing to texture.
ReviewBuy at Ulta09/30/22ElfCamo Powder FoundationFair 150CB+88Matte naturalLightweightBrushNot dryingSlightly blurredSmoothedLightSettles into deeper linesAvoid layering - fine with 1 layer9 HoursNoneNoGood0.28 ozPowder compact16NoneDrugstoreCruelty freeVegan$11 Very smoothing! Can look h eavy if you try to build it up. Great light foundation over a tinted moisturizer.
ReviewBuy at Sephora10/27/2016Kat Von DLock-ItLight 44B+87MatteSlightly heavySponge or BrushSlightly dryingSlightly visibleSlightly smoothedFullVery slightSlightly around nose and lips9++ NoneNoSlightly light1 ozPlastic bottle w/ pump30NoneHigh EndCruelty freeVegan$35 Slightly drying, doable for dry skin.
ReviewBuy at Ulta6/15/2018BareMineralsBareSkin Pure Brightening Serum Foundation02 Bare ShellB+87Satin naturalLightweightBrush or fingertipsSlightly hydratingSlight blurSlightly smoothedLightNoNo6-8 HoursNoneNoVery Good1 ozPlastic bottle w/ pump16SPF 20High EndCruelty freeYes? $30.00 Not suitable for sweaty conditions - sweat makes foundation drip on the skin. Otherwise very comfortable. Not very long wearing.
ReviewBuy at Ulta8/10/2018Laura GellerFilter First Luminous FoundationBuffB87Natural GlowVery lightweightBrush for coverage, sponge to blendHydratingSlight blurSmoothMediumOnly into deep chin linesSlight clinging to dry patches10 HoursNoneNoGood for summer1 ozGlass bottle w/ pump12NoneHigh EndCruelty freeVegan$38.00 Wears best with a wear-enhancing primer. Clings to dry patches but is otherwise very blurring and smoothing. Very pretty finish. Comfortable.
ReviewBuy at Thrive10/12/2018Thrive CausemeticsBuildable Blur CC CreamFair LightB+87Dewy & LuminousLightweightBrushSlightly hydratingSlight blurSmoothedSheer to MediumNoNo7 HoursNoneSet w powderSlightly too light1 ozSqueeze tube w/ pump18SPF 35High EndCruelty freeVegan$38.00 Beautiful finish, nice blur. Starts wearing off on chin and nose around the 6 hour mark. Longevity is not good but it's beautiful. No settling.
ReviewBuy at Ulta5/22/2021CliniqueMoisture Surge Sheertint HydratorLightB+87Satin luminousVery lightweightFingersHydratingSlightly visibleSlightly smoothedSheerDid not settleNot cakey8 HoursNoneNoSelf tanning shade1.4 ozSqueeze tube7SPF 25High EndNot CFUnknown$39.50 Very pretty finish, slightly smoothing. Wears well under sunglasses. Do not have to set with powder. Needs more fair shades.
ReviewBuy at Sephora11/26/2021SaieSlip TintShade 2B+87DewyVery lightweightFingersHydratingSlight blurVery SmoothedSheerDid not settleNot cakey8 HoursNoneSet w powderGood1.35 ozSqueeze tube14SPF 35High EndCruelty freeUnknown$32 Very dewy. Not much coverage but nice smoothing. Sort of disappears/absorbs into the skin - graceful decline but it's gone pretty quickly. Some transfer under masks.
ReviewBuy at Ulta1/27/2017MaybellineDream Cushion15 IvoryB 86Dewy & LuminousVery lightweightSpongeHydratingVisibleVisibleMedium in 1 layerSlightAround Nose9 HoursSlightNoSlightly Dark0.51 ozCushion compact8NoneDrugstoreNot CFUnknown$15.99 Feel exceptionally lightweight for this amount of coverage. Very hydrating.
ReviewBuy at Ulta12/16/2016L'OrealTrue Match LumiNeutral 1-2 Soft/Classic IvoryB 86Slightly dewyAverageSponge or BrushHydratingSlightly visibleClings to dry patchesLight to mediumSlightTiny bit around nose8 HoursSlightNoSlightly yellow1 ozGlass bottle w/ pump15NoneDrugstoreNot CFUnknown$13 Comfortable for dry skin
ReviewBuy at Beautylish6/16/2017The OrdinaryColours Serum1.1P B86Satin naturalVery lightweightFingers or BrushHydratingSlight blurBlurredLight to MediumNoNo10+ HoursNoneNoExcellent1 ozPlastic bottle w/ pump21SPF 15DrugstoreCruelty freeVegan$6.70 Very comfortable. Very nice finish that wears well for 9+ hours without primer. Makeup blended on top phenomenally smooth. Forgot to wear primer to test.
ReviewBuy at Sephora11/24/2017Laura MercierFlawless Fusion Ultra Long Wear1C1 ShellB 86Matte not flatLightweightBrush for coverage, sponge to blendNot dryingSlight blurBlurredHigh mediumNoSlightly heavy around mouth10+ HoursNoneNoSlightly too dark1 ozGlass bottle w/ pump20NoneHigh EndNot CFNo$48 Needs more lighter shades. Looks amazing at a conversational difference after 13+ hours.
ReviewBuy at Nordstrom9/22/2018ChanelVitaLumiere Aqua32 Beige RoseB86LuminousLightweightBrushNot dryingSlight blurSmoothedSheer to lightSlight into deep linesNo8 HoursNoneSlightly tackyGood1 ozPlastic squeeze bottle20SPF 15High EndNoNo$50.00 Nice skin like finish, but starts breaking down on movement areas after 6 hours. Somewhat oily finish once it starts breaking down. Comfortable.
ReviewBuy at Ulta5/17/2019UOMA BeautySay WhatT2CB86Satin natural luminousLightweightSpongeDryingBlurredSmoothedMedium to High MedInto deeper linesClings slightly to dry patches12 HoursSlightNoGood to slightly too dark over time1 ozGlass bottle w/ pump51NoneHigh EndCruelty freeVegan$39 Very pretty finish. Gets more dewy throughout the day. Clings slightly to flaking skin. Darker/clinging to hair line.
ReviewBuy at Sephora7/5/2019Giorgio ArmaniPower Fabric3.5B86Satin matteVery lightweightSponge or BrushNot dryingSlight blurSlightly smoothedMedium to High MedNoNo9-10 HoursNoneNoGood1 ozGlass bottle w/ pump30SPF 25High EndNot CFUnknown$64 Chemical sunscreen. Does not accentuate flaking or peeling. Very pretty finish, exceptionally lightweight. Graceful wear down.
ReviewBuy at Ulta5/12/2021MorpheFilter Effect Soft Focus FoundationLight 3B86Satin luminousLightweightSpongeNot dryingBlurredSmoothedLight to MediumDid not settleClings slightly to dry patches12 HoursNoneNoGood1 ozGlass bottle w/ pump40NoneDrugstoreNot CFUnknown$20 Exceptionally blurring and smoothing, but clings to dry and flaking skin. Very pretty finish that wears well otherwise.
ReviewBuy at Target3/3/2017MisshaPerfect Cover BB Cream#13 Bright BeigeB85Satin naturalVery lightweightBrushHydratingSlight blurSlightly smoothedHigh Med in 2 layersOnly into deep chin linesSlight around nose8+ HoursNoneSet w powderExcellent1.69 ozSqueeze tube6SPF 42High EndCruelty freeUnknown$22 Gets slightly dewy after 8 hours.
ReviewBuy at Sephora3/17/2017Marc JacobsRemarcable Concentrate? Ivory or Bisque LightB 85Matte not flatVery lightweightBrushNot dryingBlurredBlurredFullYesTiny bit around nose9++ NoneNoSlightly Light0.75 ozGlass bottle w/ pump22NoneHigh EndCruelty freeUnknown$55 Need very little product. Very nice finish.
ReviewBuy at Ulta6/23/2017RevlonYouth FX Blur & Fill110 IvoryB85Satin naturalSlightly heavyBrushNot dryingSlight blurBlurredMedium to FullNoNo10+ HoursNoneSlightlyGood1 ozSqueeze tube12SPF 20DrugstoreNot CFUnknown$18 Very nice blur of deeper lines and smile lines. Slightly heavy. Stays slightly sticky. Looks nice.
ReviewBuy at Sephora9/22/2017Perricone MDNo Foundation FoundationFair/LightB85Dewy & LuminousVery lightweightFingers or BrushNot dryingSlight blurBlurredSheerNoNo6-8 HoursNoneSet w powderGood1 ozPlastic bottle w/ pump2SPF 30High EndCruelty freeUnknown$60 No real coverage. Great as a base to powder foundation. Doesn't wear well past 8 hours. Beautiful otherwise.
ReviewBuy at Target3/8/2018L'OrealVisible Lift Serum Absolute145 Classic IvoryB85Satin naturalLightweightSponge or BrushSlightly dryingVisibleSlightly smoothedLight to MediumNoNo10 HoursNoneNoGood1 ozGlass bottle w/ pump12SPF 17DrugstoreNoNo$14.95 Comfortable for dry skin. Wears very nicely. Slightly dry looking. Looks very nice at a conversational distance - imperfect but OK up close.
ReviewBuy at Nordstrom4/13/2018ChanelPerfection Lumiere Velvet22 Beige RoséB85Matte not flatLightweightSponge or BrushSlightly dryingSlight blurBlurredLight to MediumNoNo9+ HoursNoneNoGood1 ozSqueeze bottle9SPF 15High EndNoNo$50 Felt drying after 5 hours. Beautiful matte finish. Great for mature skin, but not so good for dry skin.
ReviewBuy at Sephora5/4/2018ShiseidoSynchro Skin Lasting Liquid FoundationN2B85Demi matteVery lightweightSponge or BrushSlightly dryingSlight blurSlightly smoothedLight to MediumNoNo11+ HoursNoneNoSlightly dark1 ozGlass bottle w/ pump11SPF 20High EndNoNo$45 Shade range is light to medium, missing fair and dark. Very long wearing and comfortable but slightly drying. Accentuates lines after 8 Hours.
ReviewBuy at Ulta6/28/2019JCat BeautyAquasurance Compact FoundationIvoryB85MatteAverageSpongeNot dryingBlurredSmoothedMedium to FullNoSlight over moisture10 HoursHalf shade darkerNoGood0.31 ozPowder compact13NoneDrugstoreCruelty freeUnknown$13.99 Feels tight like the sensation of a clay mask. Beautifully smoothing. Great coverage. Doesn't wear well with sweat.
ReviewBuy at CVS4/3/2020CoverGirlTruBlend Liquid MakeupL2B85Dewy NaturalLightweightSponge or BrushSlightly dryingSlight blurSlightly smoothedLight to Light MediumNoNo12 HoursHalf shade darkerSet w powderGood for summer1 ozGlass bottle w/ pump21NoneDrugstoreCruelty freeUnknown$11.49 Very pretty finish. Sets beautifully with the CG mineral powder. Graceful wear away, good wear time.
ReviewBuy at Sephora5/29/2020BenefitHello Happy Air Stick FoundationShade 3B85Satin naturalLightweightBrushSlightly dryingSlightly blurredSlightly smoothedLightSettles into deeper linesNot cakey10 HoursNoneSet w powderGood for summer0.3 ozStick12SPF 20High EndNot CFUnknown$32 Pretty finish, wears well. A little trouble staying on the nose.
ReviewBuy at Sephora5/7/2021Make Up For EverWatertoneR230B85Satin naturalVery lightweightFingersSlightly hydratingSlightly blurredSlightly smoothedSheerDid not settleClings to dry skin and flakes8 HoursNoneSet w powderGood1 ozGlass bottle w/ pump20NoneHigh EndNot CFUnknown$39 Almost no coverage but zero transfer under a mask and glasses.Clings to flakes but otherwise good for maturing skin.
ReviewBuy at Ulta03/15/22ChanelNo1 de Chanel Revitalizing FoundationBR12B85Satin matteLightweightFingersSlightly hydratingSlightly visibleSlightly smoothedLight to mediumDid not settleClings slightly to peeling skin10 HoursNoneNoGood1 ozGlass bottle w/ pump20NoneHigh EndNot CFUnknown$70 Nice coverage but a little bit clingy to texture/flaking skin. Wears well.
ReviewBuy at Ulta1/29/2017Wet n WildPhoto FocusRose IvoryB 84MatteLight to MediumSpongeSlightly dryingVisibleSlightly smoothedLight to MediumSlightly Over TimeAround Nose8 HoursNoneNoGood1 ozGlass bottle w/ spatula20NoneDrugstoreCruelty freeUnknown$5.99 Separates along deeper lines over time.
ReviewBuy at Sephora1/26/2018Koh Gen DoAqua FoundationShade 012B84Satin naturalLightweightBrush or spongeSlightly dryingSlight blurSmoothLight to Light MedMinimalNo8 HoursNoneNoGood1.01 ozGlass bottle w/ pump10NoneHigh EndCruelty freeUnknown$66 Very pretty finish. Does not need to be set with powder.
ReviewBuy at Ulta4/19/2019Soap and GloryKick Ass All Day Wear Foundation01 NB84Slightly dewyLightweightBrushVery slightly dryingVisibleSlightly smoothedLight to MediumInto deeper linesNo9 HoursSlightSet w powderSlightly dark1 ozPlastic bottle w/ pump12NoneDrugstoreNot CFNo$16 Neutral with a slightly gray undertone. Nice finish but can look like makeup on top of the skin. Good wear over time.
ReviewBuy at Ulta8/9/2019Urban DecayStay Naked Weightless Foundation20NNB84Satin matteVery lightweightSpongeNot dryingVisibleVisibleMediumNoClings to dry patches10+ HoursNoneNoGood1 ozPlastic bottle w/ pump50NoneHigh EndCruelty freeVegan$39 Very pretty matte except where it clings to flaking or peeling skin. Great longevity, does not settle into lines or pores.
ReviewBuy at Sephora3/13/2020RMS BeautyUn Cover-Up Cream FoundationShade 00B84Dewy to Very ShinyAverageBrushVery hydratingSlight blurVery SmoothedMediumSet w powder to avoid settlingNot cakey9 HoursNoneSet w powderSlightly too dark and yellow1 ozJar18NoneHigh EndCruelty freeUnknown$52 Tends toward greasy throughout the day but looks great after blotting. Looks slightly heavy but super moisturizing and very smoothing. Worth the effort for super dry skin.
ReviewBuy at Target8/7/2020No 7 Protect and Perfect Advanced All in One FoundationCalicoB84Satin naturalAverageSponge or BrushSlightly hydratingMinor settlingClings slightly to dry skinLightDid not settleClings to flaking dry skin7 HoursNoneNoGood for summer1 ozSqueeze tube14SPF 50DrugstoreCruelty freeUnknown$15.99 Better coverage and finish when set with powder. Caused me to break out (tried twice). Very pretty but wear time is short.
ReviewBuy at Ulta2/19/2021Physicians FormulaButter Believe It FoundationFair to LightB-84Satin naturalLightweightSpongeTiny bit dryingSlight blurSlightly smoothedMediumRequires tapping out early but then stays putClings a tiny bit to flaking skin12 HoursNoneNoGood, as dark as I can go for winter1 ozGlass bottle w/ pump5NoneDrugstoreCruelty freeUnknown$11.99 Nice finish, great coverage and wear time. Heavily coconut scented with fragrance high on the ingredients. No need to set with powder but did have to tap foundation out of lines the first few minutes of wear. Then it stayed put.
ReviewBuy on Amazon2/27/2021OwnestMushroom Head Air Cushion BB CreamB NaturalB84SatinAverageSpongeSlightly dryingSlight blurSlightly smoothedLight to MediumDid not settleClings slightly to dry patches8+ HoursVery slightNo - did not need to setGood20gCushion compact2NoneDrugstoreUnknownUnknown$12 Very pretty finish with nice coverage. Did not need to set with powder. Transfers slightly to a mask.
ReviewBuy at Ulta3/5/2021MorpheHint Hint Skin TintHint of LatteB84Slightly dewyLightweightFingersNot dryingSlightly visibleSlightly smoothedSheer to lightDid not settleClings slightly to dry patches10+ HoursSlightly orangeSet w powderToo dark1 ozGlass bottle w/ dropper20NoneDrugstoreUnknownUnknown$17 Very strange dry-down, almost freezes fine lines in place and feels a bit like a thin mask, but stays put and doesn't move even under a face mask.
ReviewBuy at Ulta04/01/22MaybellineGreen Edition Superdrop Tinted OilShade 030B84Satin naturalVery lightweightFingersNot dryingSlightly blurredVisibleSheerDid not settleClings to flaking dry skin8 HoursNoneNoToo dark and a little orange0.67 ozGlass bottle with dropper8NoneDrugstoreNot CFVegan$11.99 Nice base for a no-makeup makeup look, but clings to edges of dry skin and is not very hydrating. Shade 30 pulls orange and is the 2nd lightest shade.
ReviewBuy at Beautylish6/2/2017The OrdinaryColours Coverage1.1P B-83Satin to slightly dewyLightweightBrush slightly better, both fineNot dryingSlight blurSlightly smoothedMediumNoNo8+ HoursNoneNoExcellent1 ozPlastic bottle w/ pump21SPF 15DrugstoreCruelty freeVegan$6.90 GORGEOUS finish. Slight accentuation of lines and pores around chin.
ReviewBuy at Sephora11/23/2018LawlessWoke Up Like This FoundationPristineB-83Dewy & LuminousSlightly lightweight BrushSlightly dryingSlight blurSmoothedMedium to FullSlightNo10+ HoursNoneSet w powderGood1 ozGlass bottle w/ pump20NoneHigh EndCruelty freeUnknown$46.00 Clean ingredients, very dewy borderline shiny, even set w powder. Slightly drying but very pretty.
ReviewBuy at Ulta3/15/2019Juice BeautyPhyto-Pigments Flawless Serum Foundation 11 Rosy BeigeB-83Satin naturalLightweightFingersHydratingSlight blurSlightly smoothedLight to MediumNoNo5 HoursNoneSlightly tackyGood1 ozGlass bottle w/ pump10NoneHigh EndCruelty freeUnknown$44 Clings slightly to dry patches or flaking but overall very hydrating and comfortable, wears well.
ReviewBuy at Ulta6/7/2019LancomeSkin Feels Good Hydrating Skin Tint010C Cool PorcelaineB-83Dewy & LuminousVery lightweightFingersHydratingAlmost polka dot poresSlightly smoothedSheer to lightOnly into deep chin linesNo6 HoursNoneSet w powderOne shade too dark1.08 ozSqueeze tube w/ pump11SPF 23High EndNot CFNo$35.00
ReviewBuy at Sephora11/18/2019StilaHide & Chic Fluid Foundation Light 1B-83Satin naturalLightweightSponge or BrushNot dryingSome polka dot poresSlightly smoothedLightInto deeper linesMinor clinging to dry skin8 HoursNoneSet w powderGood1 ozPlastic bottle w/ pump30NoneHigh EndCruelty freeUnknown$39 Very pretty finish but accentuates dry skin. Over time breaks apart along lines and wrinkles.
ReviewBuy at Ulta1/27/2020CoverGirlClean Fresh Skin MilkFairB-83Satin naturalVery lightweightBrush or spongeSlightly hydratingSlight blurSlightly smoothedSheer to LightInto deeper linesClings to flaking dry skin8 HoursNoneSet w powderGood for winter1 ozSqueeze tube14NoneDrugstoreCruelty freeVegan$11.99 More satin than dewy but a pretty finish. A bit finicky on flaking skin. Wear time and shade selection could be better. Degrades gracefully.
ReviewBuy at Amazon6/12/2020PurlissePerfect Glow BB Cream LightB-83Dewy & LuminousVery lightweightFingersHydratingAlmost polka dot poresSlightly smoothedSheer to LightNo settlingNot cakey10 HoursNoneStickyGood for summer1.4 ozSqueeze tube8SPF 30High EndCruelty freeNo (beeswax)$35 Very dewy. Pretty finish but very sticky even when set with powder.
ReviewBuy at Sephora6/11/2017Georgio ArmaniLuminous Silk3 (fair golden)B-82Satin matteVery lightweightSponge or BrushSlightly dryingBlurredBlurredLight to MediumSlight into deep linesAfter 6 hours around chin9+ HoursNoneNoExcellent1 ozGlass bottle w/ pump24NoneHigh EndNot CFUnknown$64 Very comfortable. Very nice finish that lasts 9 hours. Caking around chin may have been user error.
ReviewBuy at WnW1/19/2018Wet n WildMega Cushion FoundationLight IvoryB-82LuminousVery lightweightSpongeHydratingVisibleSmoothMediumYesSlight around nose10 HoursNoneNoGood0.52 ozCushion compact8SPF 15DrugstoreCruelty freeVegan$8.99 Very comfortable for dry skin. Stopped settling into lines after lots of tapping out. Set lightly w powder. Beautiful finish.
ReviewBuy at Ulta3/16/2018IT CosmeticsBye Bye FoundationLightB-82DewyLightweightBrush or fingertipsSlightly dryingSlight blurSlightly smoothedMediumNoNo8 HoursNoneNoGood for summer1.014 ozSqueeze tube w/ pump12SPF 50High EndCruelty freeUnknown$39.50 Comfortable. Surprisingly slightly drying - supposed to be hydrating. Starts to get heavy when building. Pretty finish, but not full coverage.
ReviewBuy at Ulta12/12/2019Beauty BakerieInsta Bake Aqua Glass Foundation 347 CoolB-82Satin naturalAverageSpongeSlightly dryingSlight blurVisibleMedium to FullSlight into deep linesClings slightly to dry patches9 HoursNoneSet w powderGood for summer0.9 ozGlass bottle w/ pump30NoneHigh EndCruelty freeVegan$34 Looks and feels a little like wearing a full face of makeup. Great coverage, nice finish. Settles a little bit into lines. Above average but not awesome.
ReviewBuy at Sephora11/13/2020NARSSoft Matte Complete FoundationLight 2 Mont BlancB-82Soft matteLightweightSpongeNot dryingSlightly blurredClings slightly to dry skinMedium to fullDid not settleClings slightly to dry patches9 HoursNoneNoSlightly too light1.5 ozSqueeze tube34NoneHigh EndNot CFVegan$40 Beautiful soft focus finish. Looks a tiny bit dry on dry patches, doesn't quite hit the 16 hour wear it claims, but comfortable and pretty.
ReviewBuy at Milani10/25/2019MilaniConceal & Perfect00A PorcelainB-81Satin matteSlightly heavyMore smooth w brushSlightly dryingBlurredClings to dry patchesMedium to FullNoAround Nose10+YesSet w powderToo dark, Too Yellow1 ozGlass bottle w/ pump15NoneDrugstoreCruelty freeUnknown$9.99 Tough to blend out creams on top.
ReviewBuy at Sephora11/2/2018HourglassIllusion Hyaluronic Skin TintVanillaB-81Shiny dewyLightweightBrushHydratingSlight blurSmoothedLight to Light MediumSlight into deep linesAfter 8 hours, breaks up cakes up7-8 HoursSlightSet w powderGood to slightly too dark1 ozSqueeze tube8SPF 15High EndCruelty freeUnknown$56.00 Super dewy finish, shiny after a few hours. Breaks up after 7-8 hours. Otherwise very pretty.
ReviewBuy at Sephora5/3/2019Wander BeautyNude IllusionFair LightB-81Slightly dewyAverageBrushSlightly hydratingPolka dot pores over timeSlightly smoothedLight to MediumInto deeper linesSlightly cakey around temples10 HoursSlightNoSlightly dark, slightly yellow1.01 ozDoe Foot Applicator12NoneHigh EndCruelty freeUnknown$40 Slighty yellow orange undertone that darkens immediately. Very pretty finish to start, slightly shiny over time. Smoothing to texture.
ReviewBuy at Target5/31/2019CoverGirlSimply Ageless Olay 3 in 1 205 IvoryB-81Demi matteAverageBrushNot dryingBlurredSmoothedMedium to High MedInto deeper linesNo8-10 HoursNoneSet w powderSlightly too light to good1 ozPlastic bottle w/ pump12NoneDrugstoreCruelty freeUnknown$10.49 Very pretty, smoothing finish. Probably wears even better on skin more mature than mine. Looks slightly heavier than skin-like. Wears about 8 hours.
ReviewBuy at Amazon1/17/2020RevlonPhotoReady Candid Glow130 IvoryB-81NaturalLightweightSponge or Brush or FingersSlightly hydratingSome smooth, some visibleSlightly smoothedSheer to LightInto deeper linesClings slightly to flaking skin8 HoursNoneSet w powderGood0.75 ozSqueeze tube w/ pump16NoneDrugstoreNot CFNo$10.99 Starts out pretty, your skin but better, but dries down to a bit flat and dry looking. Wear time isn't great but degrades gracefully.
ReviewBuy at Ulta9/21/2017TarteDouble Duty Beauty Empowered Hybrid GelPorcelainB-80Satin naturalAverageSponge or BrushHydratingSlight blurBlurredMedium to FullYesSlight around nose9 HoursNoneSlightlyGood1 ozJar18NoneHigh EndCruelty freeUnknown$39 Problem child. Where it's good, it's beautiful. Where it's bad, it moves around and cakes up and wears away. May need to find right primer/setting powder combo for best results. B- is the benefit of the doubt.
ReviewBuy at Sephora10/13/2017FentyPro Filt'r Soft MatteShade 170B-80Soft matteSlightly lightweight Sponge or BrushSlightly dryingVisibleVisibleLight to MediumSlightSlightly dry around mouth, nose8 HoursYes, immediatelyNoToo dark1.08 ozGlass bottle w/ pump40NoneHigh EndCruelty freeUnknown$34 Dupe - Catrice HD. Accentuates lines, not good for maturing skin.
ReviewNot available6/6/2016Boots No 7Airbrush Away FoundationCool IvoryB-80Soft matteLightweightSponge or BrushNot dryingSlight blurSlightly smoothedLight to MediumNoNo8 HoursNoneNoSlightly Dark1 ozGlass bottle w/ squeeze12NoneDrugstoreCruelty freeUnknown$17.99
ReviewBuy at Sephora5/18/2018Cover FXPower PlayN20B-80Velvet matteVery lightweightSpongeSlightly dryingSlight blurSmoothMedium to FullYesNo10+ HoursNoneNoGood1.18 ozSqueeze bottle40NoneHigh EndCruelty freeVegan$44 Doesn't need to be set with powder except on areas that are transfer-prone (like nose). Makes wrinkles appear deeper, slightly aging. Beautiful finish, comfortable. Only slightly drying - not too bad.
ReviewBuy at Ulta6/11/2018EssenceFresh and Fit Awake Makeup030 Fresh HoneyB-80Dewy & LuminousAverageSponge or BrushNot dryingSlight blurSmoothedMediumNoNo10 HoursSlightSlightly tackySlightly too dark1 ozGlass bottle w/ pump4NoneDrugstoreCruelty freeNo (beeswax)$6.99 Slightly transfer prone, slightly tacky even after set w powder. Average weight, not super comfortable (but not uncomfortable). Pretty finish, wears well over time.
ReviewBuy at GS6/19/2018Girda SpillmannBio-Fond Foundation CompactWeekendB-80SatinLightweightBrushSlightly dryingBlurredSmoothedLight to FullNoOver time, around nose12 HoursNoneSet w powderGood12gCompact21NoneHigh EndCruelty freeUnknown$64.99 Comfortable but looks heavy over time. Wears well - can spackle over texture and pores. Seems good for event makeup, harsh conditions, etc.
ReviewBuy at Sephora8/31/2018IT CosmeticsCC+ Oil Free MatteLight MediumB-80MatteAverageSpongeNot dryingSlight blurSlightly smoothedMediumSlightNo10 HoursNoneSet w powderGood for self tanning1.08 ozSqueeze tube w/ pump12SPF 40High EndCruelty freeUnknown$38.00 Not a matte finish - more like satin natural. Transfers a bit. Wears fairly well.
ReviewBuy at Sephora8/20/2019Kevyn AucoinFoundation BalmFB01B-80Satin matteLightweightSponge or BrushNot dryingVisibleSlightly smoothedMedium to FullDid not settleClings to dry patches10+ HoursNoneNoSlightly too light0.7 ozJar20NoneHigh EndCruelty freeUnknown$52 Clings terribly to dry patches and flaking skin, but is comfortable and very long-wearing elsewhere. Gorgeous at a distance, looks a bit heavy up close. Emphasized my smile lines.
ReviewBuy at Beautylish11/8/2019SurrattDew Drop FoundationShade 1.5B-80Very dewyVery lightweightDense brushHydratingSlight blurSmoothedLightNoNo8 HoursNoneSlightly tackyGood for winter0.67 ozDropper bottle20NoneHigh EndCruelty freeUnknown$75 Very dewy. Pretty for the first half of the day, then SUPER weird oily film forms all over the face which gathers in lines and gets on clothes.
ReviewBuy at Ulta12/4/2020J.Cat BeautySkinSurance Max Coverage Silky FoundationBisqueB-80Matte, flatLightweightSpongeSlightly dryingSlightly blurredSlightly smoothedLight to MediumDid not settleClings to dry and flaking skin9 HoursNoneNoAt least 1 shade too light1 ozPlastic bottle w/ pump16NoneDrugstoreCruelty freeUnknown$14.99 B- is probably generous. Before/after photos on web site are misleading and likely altered. Decent smoothing and blurring of pores but drying and not good on flaking skin. Wear time could be better.
ReviewBuy at Ulta12/22/2017RevlonPhoto Ready Insta Filter Foundation130 PorcelainC+79Satin matteVery lightweightSponge or BrushSlightly dryingSlightly visibleSmoothMediumMinimalClings heavily to dry patches8+ HoursVery slightNoExcellent1 ozTwist tube w/ sponge top12SPF 20DrugstoreNot CFNo$17.99 Very comfortable. Smooths texture except for dry patches. Slight half shade oxidation immediately, did not get worse. Very minimal settling in lines. OK for mature or dry skin, even better for everybody else.
ReviewBuy at Ulta9/14/2019Makeup RevolutionConceal & Hydrate F3C+79DewySlightly lightweight SpongeNot dryingPolka dot pores over timeVisibleMediumInto deeper linesNot cakey9 HoursNoneSet w powderGood0.7 ozGlass bottle w/ pump50NoneDrugstoreCruelty freeUnknown$12 Very very dewy by the end of the day, borderline greasy. Doesn't do much for blurring/smoothing. Looks better at a distance than up close.
ReviewBuy at Ulta5/1/2020TarteMaracuja Tinted Hydrator13B Fair Light BeigeC+79SatinVery lightweightSponge or FingersHydratingPolka dot poresVisibleSheerSettles into deeper linesClings a tiny bit to flaking skin7-8 HoursNoneStickyGood for summer1 ozSqueeze tube20NoneHigh EndCruelty freeVegan$29 Almost no coverage. Pretty but too sticky to wear without powder, and powder ruins the dewy finish.
ReviewBuy at Ulta12/15/2016RevlonColor Stay Normal to Dry110 IvoryC+78Satin matteAverageSpongeNot dryingVisibleSlightly visibleLight to Light MedSlightSlight around nose8-10 HoursSlightNoGood1 ozGlass bottle w/ pump13SPF 20DrugstoreNot CFUnknown$9 Not very buildable. Wears off at 10 hours.
ReviewBuy at Ulta9/29/2017CatriceHD Liquid Coverage020 Rose BeigeC+78Soft matteLightweightSpongeVery dryingBlurredSmoothMedium to High MedNoNo6 HoursSlightNoSlightly dark1.05 ozGlass bottle w/ squeeze4NoneDrugstoreCruelty freeUnknown$10.99 A little product goes a long way. Very smooth finish.
ReviewBuy at Sephora5/24/2019Tom FordTraceless Foundation Stick0.4 RoseC+78Satin naturalLightweightBrushHydratingPolka dot pores over timeSlightly smoothedLight to MediumNoGunks up slightly over time8-10 HoursNoneSet w powderGood15 gStick29NoneHigh EndNot CFNo$87.00 Clings to dry patches. Very pretty finish, hydrating.
ReviewBuy at Ulta4/10/2020VDLPerfect Lasting FoundationA02 Cool Light BeigeC+78Matte, dryAverageBrushDryingVisibleSlightly smoothedMedium to FullNoClings heavily to dry patches12 HoursNoneSet w powderGood1.01 ozGlass bottle w/ pump18NoneHigh EndUnknownUnknown$35 Good wear time but highly accentuates dry and flaking skin. Dehydrates skin quickly. Looks pretty on "good" skin.
ReviewBuy at Amazon1/14/2022L'OrealAge Perfect 4-in-1 Tinted BalmFair 20C+78Satin matteLightweightFingersSlightly hydratingVisibleSlightly accentuatedLight to MediumDid not settleClings to dry skin and texture9 HoursSlightNoOK, a little off in undertone0.63 ozBalm8NoneDrugstoreNot CFUnknown$11.99 Feels very nice on the skin but ages me, looks dry. Sits on top of the skin in areas of pores or texture. Clings to dry patches. Looks ok at a conversational distance but not so much up close.
ReviewBuy at Ulta03/22/23LA GirlTinted FoundationNudeC+78Satin naturalVery lightweightFingersNot dryingVisibleVisibleSheerDid not settleClings to dry skin8 HoursNoneNoSlightly too yellow1 ozSqueeze tube16NoneDrugstoreCruelty freeUnknown$8.99 Sheer and doesn't really do any blurring or smoothing. Works OK as a base layer but nothing really to write home about. Clings to dry and flaky skin.
ReviewBuy at Sephora5/19/2017Pretty VulgarBird's Nest Blurring Beauty Mousse20 Pretty PorcelainC+77Natural MatteVery lightweightSponge or BrushSlightly dryingBlurredSlightly visibleLightSlightSlight around mouth6-8 HoursNoneToo light1 ozSqueeze tube w/ pump6NoneHigh EndCruelty freeVegan$44 Might not work on oily skin - I started to get dewy at the end of the night. Claims primer built in - I would still recommend a primer.
ReviewBuy at Ulta10/26/2018Estee LauderDouble Wear Light Soft Matte Hydra 1C0 ShellC+77MatteLightweightBrushSlightly dryingSlight blurSlightly smoothedLight to High LightNoSecond half of day around nose8-10 HoursNoneNoSlightly too light1 ozSqueeze tube21NoneHigh EndNoNo$42.00 Does not smooth over deeper lines. Starts out with nice blur but polka dot pores later in the day. Fails transfer resistance claim with glasses.
ReviewBuy at Sephora8/30/2019BenefitHello Happy Flawless Brightening FoundationShade 1C+77Satin luminousSlightly lightweight SpongeNot dryingSlight blurSlightly smoothedLight to Light MediumNoNo4-6 HoursNoneStays tackyGood for winter1 ozGlass bottle w/ pump12SPF 15High EndNot CFUnknown$30 Vanishes after 4 hours, gone by 10 hours. Stays tacky, not very comfortable. Trouble blending powders and concealer even when set.
ReviewBuy at Sephora9/11/2019SmashboxStudio Skin Full Coverage FoundationShade 1.1C+77Satin matteLightweightBrushSlightly dryingPolka dot pores over timeVisibleMedium to FullInto deeper linesSits on top of skin in spots10 HoursNoneSet w powderSlightly yellow1 ozSqueeze tube w/ pump40NoneHigh EndCruelty freeUnknown$36 Looks beautiful from a distance but sits on top of the skin and cakey up close. Transfer resistant in some spots but wore completely off chin.
ReviewBuy at Sephora4/9/2021SephoraBest Skin Ever Foundation11.5P C+77Satin matteLightweightSpongeSlightly dryingVisibleVisible textureLightDid not settleClings to dry skin10 HoursNoneNoGood.84 ozGlass bottle w/ pump50NoneDrugstoreNot CFUnknown$20 Kind of drying, kind of patchy, kind of clings to dry skin. OK for light coverage but nothing special.
ReviewBuy at Ulta11/04/22Makeup RevolutionIRL Filter Longwear FoundationF3C+77MatteLightweightBrushSlightly dryingPolka dot poresSlightly visibleMediumSettles into pores and deeper linesNot cakey9 HoursNoneNoSlightly too light0.7 ozGlass bottle w/ pump16NoneDrugstoreCruelty freeUnknown$13 Wearable but I probably won't. Too much settling into pores and somewhat drying. Note the price is for .7 oz so it's around $18 per ounce.
ReviewBuy at Ulta01/25/23NyxBare with Me Blur Skin Tint03 Light IvoryC+77MatteLIghtweightSponge or BrushNot dryingVisible, some polka dotVisibleLightSettles into lines over timeNot cakey8 HoursNoneNoA smidge light1 ozSqueeze tube24NoneDrugstoreCruelty freeVegan$14 It's ok. Not the longest wearing. Doesn't really blur pores or texture despite the name.
ReviewBuy at Sephora6/16/2018GuerlainNatural Perfection Foundation00N Porcelain C76Satin naturalVery lightweightBrushSlightly hydratingSlight blurSlightly smoothedLight to MediumSlightNo6 HoursNoneSet w powderGood1 ozGlass bottle w/ pump14SPF 20High EndNoNo$63.00 Pretty finish. Must be set with powder for longevity greater than 5 hours. Very comfortable. Slight settling into lines. Good for dry skin.
ReviewBuy at Ulta7/28/2017Note CosmeticsLuminous Moisturizing Foundation01 BeigeC 75MatteAverageSponge or BrushSlightly dryingVisibleVisibleLight to MediumNoSlight8 HoursSlightNoToo yellow, too dark1.18 ozSqueeze tube8SPF 15DrugstoreCruelty freeVegan$11.95 Not luminous at all. Slightly drying, otherwise comfortable. Does not build up well. Slightly patchy overall. Wears well over time.
ReviewBuy at Kohls5/23/2016BlissExglowsion Triple Oxygen SerumNaturalC75Slightly dewyLightweightSpongeHydratingVisibleVisibleLight to MediumNoNo8 HoursNoneSet w powderToo dark1 ozGlass bottle w/ squeeze10SPF 20High EndNot CFNo$39
ReviewBuy at Amazon1/11/2019Undone BeautyUnfoundation Skin TintPink Petal LightC75DewyVery lightweightBrush or fingertipsSlightly hydratingVisibleSlightly smoothedSheer to lightMinimalClings heavily to dry patches7-8 HoursNoneSet w powderExcellent1 ozPlastic squeeze bottle6NoneDrugstoreCruelty freeVegan$14.00 Would have scored a B if it did not cling to dry patches. Comfortable, pretty finish, good for dry skin, minimal settling.
ReviewBuy at Ulta10/18/2019MaybellineDream Urban Cover112 Light IvoryC75NaturalLightweightSponge or BrushVery dryingBlurredSlightly smoothedLight Medium to MediumSlightly into deeper linesClings to peeling skin8 HoursNoneSet w powderGood1 ozSqueeze tube16SPF 50DrugstoreNot CFUnknown$12.99 Very pretty finish but super dehydrating - denatured alcohol high on ingreds and includes added fragrance. Degrades poorly.
ReviewBuy at Ulta11/6/2020Makeup RevolutionConceal & Glow FoundationF2C75SatinVery lightweightSpongeDryingSlight blurClings to dry patchesLight to Light MediumNoNot cakey10 HoursNoneNoGood for winter0.8 ozGlass bottle w/ pump20NoneDrugstoreCruelty freeVegan$12 Not as glowy as expected. Looks pretty but feels drying. Dehydrated skin by the end of the night.
ReviewBuy at Ulta1/13/2021Urban DecayHydromaniac Tinted Glow Hydrator Foundation20 Fair NeutralC75DewyLightweightFingersHydratingBlurredSlightly visibleLight to Light MediumInto deeper linesClings to dry skin9 HoursNoneSet w powderGood for winter1.1 ozSqueeze tube12NoneHigh EndCruelty freeVegan$29 Breaks apart early along movement lines and wrinkles. Oil separates out over time. Finicky to apply. Pretty but too fussy for a short wear time.
ReviewBuy at Ulta4/12/2021KVD Vegan BeautyGood Apple Foundation BalmLight 18C75Satin naturalLightweightBrushSlightly hydratingSlightly blurredTexture slightly accentuatedMedium to FullDid not settleClings to dry skin8 HoursNoneNoGood for summer.35 ozCompact40NoneHigh EndCruelty freeVegan$38 Transfers a ton. Completely wears away under a mask. Skin look dehydrated despite feeling hydrated. Pretty finish where you can get it to stay on. Great coverage.
ReviewBuy at Ulta2/4/2022TarteShape Tape Cloud Coverage Foundation16N Fair Light NeutralC75Matte, dryVery lightweightBrushHydratingSlightly blurredSlightly accentuatedMediumSlight into all linesClings to texture over time10 HoursNoneNoGood to a tiny bit light1 ozSqueeze tube w/ pump21SPF 15High EndCruelty freeVegan$39 Nice coverage and feels hydrating, but looks dry and accentuates texture and lines - ages me a bit.
ReviewBuy at Sephora01/06/23Beauty BlenderBounce Liquid Whip2.10 Light BuffC75Satin matteLightweightSponge or BrushVery dryingSlightly blurredSlightly smoothedLight to MediumDid not settleNot cakey10 HoursNoneNoGood1 ozSqueeze tube40NoneHigh EndCruelty freeVegan$29 Very nice foundation except that it is super drying on me, even when my skin is well hydrated. Looks great, but probably not the best choice for those with dry skin.
ReviewBuy at Sephora10/27/2017Milk MakeupBlur Liquid Matte FoundationFairC74Matte not flatVery lightweightSponge or BrushSlightly dryingVisibleSlightly smoothedFull in 1 layerYes, lotsSlightly heavy around mouth8 HoursNoneNoExcellent1 ozSqueeze tube16NoneHigh EndCruelty freeYes$40 Water based formula. Slight fruity fragrance. Nose looks great! A little goes a very long way. Powders blend fine but creams/concealers do not blend well. Pretty well transfer resistant, even on a phone.
ReviewBuy at Ulta5/26/2017ElfFlawless Finish FoundationPorcelainC74Matte, dryHeavySpongeDryingVisibleVisibleLightYesYes6 HoursNoneYesToo yellow0.8 ozGlass bottle w/ pump5SPF 15DrugstoreCruelty freeVegan$6
ReviewBuy at Sephora1/25/2019Laura MercierFlawless Lumiere Radiance PerfectingCameoC74Satin naturalAverageBrushSlightly dryingPolka dot pores over timeVisibleLight to MediumYesClings to dry patches and texture6-8 HoursNoneNoGood for winter1 ozGlass bottle w/ pump30NoneHigh EndNot CFNo$48 Looks heavy on areas where built up. Not dewy. Skin like but not radiant. Average breakdown after 8 hours.
ReviewBuy at Sephora12/12/2016Too FacedBorn This WaySnowC-73Natural, slightly dewySlightly heavySpongeNot dryingVisibleVisibleMedium to High MedYesSlight around nose9 HoursSlightSet w powderGood, slightly yellow1 ozGlass bottle w/ pump18NoneHigh EndCruelty freeUnknown$39 Buildable. Not quite full coverage.
ReviewBuy at Ulta6/20/2016ExuvianceCover Blend Skin Caring FoundationBisqueC-73Satin naturalLightweightBrushSlightly dryingVisibleVisibleLightSlightNo8 HoursNoneNoGood1 ozGlass bottle w/ pump10SPF 20High EndCruelty freeUnknown38
ReviewBuy at Ulta03/02/22L'OrealSkin Paradise Tinted MoisturizerFair 3C-73Satin naturalLightweightFingersSlightly hydratingVisibleVisibleSheerSlight settlingClings to texture, dry skin8 HoursNoneNoGood for summer1 ozSqueeze tube12SPF 19DrugstoreNot CFUnknown$16.99 Pills like crazy over both sunscreens I tried it with. Just average. Not the best, not the worst.
ReviewBuy at Ulta6/8/2017PurBare It AllPorcelainC-72Demi matteAverage to slightly heavyBrush slightly better, both fineHydratingBlurredBlurredHigh Med to Full Yes into deeper linesSlight around nose and mouth at end of day12 HoursNoneNoGood1.5 ozSqueeze tube10NoneHigh EndCruelty freeUnknown$39 Lots of drag on skin with brush - hard to blend other products over it. Gorgeous in some spots, heavy in others. Nice finish. Comparable to KVD, UD AN. Felt slightly oily at 9 hours. Nose/mouth breakdown, wear off at 9 hours.
ReviewBuy at Sephora3/13/2017LancomeTeint Idole Stick90 Ivory NeutralC-71Matte, dryVery lightweightSpongeVery Itchy/DryingVisibleVisible. Strange.Medium in 2 layersConstantlySignificant around nose<9 HoursNoneNoGood0.31 ozStick30High EndNot CFUnknown$42 Sits strangely on skin. Concealer went on patchy. Not long wear as described. Not transfer resistant as claimed. Comfortable to wear. Probably graded too high.
ReviewBuy at Sephora2/17/2018NARSNatural Radiant Longwear Foundation2.5 YukonC-71Satin matteAverageSponge or BrushNot dryingVisibleBlurredLight to MediumYes, lotsYes, on textured areas9 HoursNoneYesGood1 ozGlass bottle w/ pump43NoneHigh EndNot CFNo$49 Sits on top of skin and does not blend well. Separates along expression lines. Transfers a lot.
ReviewBuy at Ulta5/12/2017CoverGirlOutlast Stay Fabulous All Day805 IvoryC-70Matte, dryLightweightBrush for coverage, sponge to blendSlightly dryingVisibleVisibleLight to Light MedNoSlight around nose after a few hours8-10 HoursSlightSet w powderOK after oxidation, otherwise light1 ozGlass bottle w/ pump9SPF 20DrugstoreCruelty freeUnknown$11.99 Looks dry after 5 hours. Emphasizes dry texture.
ReviewBuy at BH12/1/2017BH CosmeticsNaturally Flawless Foundation204 Natural BeigeC-70Satin naturalSlightly heavyBrush for coverage, sponge to blendSlightly dryingVisibleSlightly smoothedMediumSlightSlight8-10 hoursNoneSlightlyGood1 ozGlass bottle w/ pump18NoneDrugstoreCruelty freeVegan$8.99 Hard to blend products over. Uneven coverage - red pokes through even after spot covering. Wears well but doesn't work well for dry or maturing skin.
ReviewNot available6/10/2017Fiona StilesMatte Foundation ConcentrateShade 01C-70MatteVery lightweightSponge or BrushVery dryingBlurredSlightly smoothedLight to MediumNoClings to dry patches after 4 hours5 HoursNoneNoGood1 ozGlass bottle w/ pump10NoneHigh EndCruelty freeUnknown$30 Looks beautiful for 4 hours. Goes downhill fast. Very drying.
ReviewBuy at Yves Rocher6/13/2018Yves RocherYouthful GlowBeige Rose 000C-70Satin naturalLightweightFingers or BrushNot dryingPolka dot poresClings to dry patchesLight to MediumYesYes, on dry patches and around nose6 HoursNoneSet w powderOK1 ozGlass bottle w/ pump10NoneHigh EndNot CFNo$33.00 Looked good at a distance for the first few hours, heavy looking up close and clings to texture and dry patches. Very short wear time. Strong fragrance like baby powder.
ReviewBuy at Ulta10/19/2018NyxCan't Stop Won't Stop FoundationLightC-70Matte, dryAverageSpongeVery dryingSome blur, some polka dot poresSome smoothed, some visibleMedium to FullYes into deeper linesSits on top of skin in spots8-10 HoursNoneNoGood1 ozGlass bottle w/ pump45NoneDrugstoreCruelty freeVegan$14.99 Immediately drying. Looks nice from a distance. Mixed bag - some smoothing, some blurring, but also some settling and areas of product sitting on top of skin. Not transfer proof as it claims.
ReviewBuy at Target3/11/2019No 7 Lift & Luminate Triple Action Serum FoundationCool VanillaC-70Satin naturalLightweightSpongeDryingSome polka dot poresVisibleLightYesSlightly cakey6 HoursNoneSet w powderGood1 ozGlass bottle w/ pump12SPF 15DrugstoreCruelty freeUnknown$15.99 Disappointing. Transfers too easily, cakes up easily, feels drying. Looks fine at a distance but has problem spots up close.
ReviewBuy at Ulta6/14/2019NyxBare With Me Tinted Skin VeilPale LightC-70Satin luminousAverageFingersNot dryingPolka dot poresVisibleSheer to noneInto deeper linesClings to dry patches6 HoursNoneSet w powderGood0.9 ozSqueeze tube6NoneDrugstoreCruelty freeVegan$13.00 Hardly any coverage. Settles immediately into pores and clings to texture and dry patches. Good base for a no-makeup look but that's about it.
ReviewBuy at Ulta11/25/22CoverGirlCovergirl + Olay Simply Ageless Wrinkle Defying205 IvoryC-70MatteLightweightSponge or fingersSlightly dryingVisible poresVisible textureLight to Light MediumSettles into linesClings to texture and dry skin7 HoursNoneNoGood0.4 ozBalm8SPF 28DrugstoreCruelty freeUnknown$15.99 Looks nice early on at a conversational distance but degrades quickly, less than a full day of wear. Settles into lines, accentuates pores and texture. Not great after a few hours.
ReviewBuy at Ulta9/19/2017ElfBeautifully Bare Serum FoundationFair/LightD+69Satin naturalLightweightBrushDryingPolka dot poresSlightly smoothedLightSlightAround Nose6-8 HoursNoneSet w powderSlightly dark0.47 ozPlastic bottle w/ pump3SPF 25DrugstoreCruelty freeUnknown$8 Less than half ounce for $8!!!
ReviewBuy at IDUN5/11/2018IDUN MineralsNordic VeilSagaD+69Satin matteLightweightSpongeVery dryingVisibleVisibleLight to MediumYesYes, on dry patches and around nose9 HoursNoneSet w powderGood1 ozGlass bottle w/ pump9NoneHigh EndCruelty freeVegan$28 Looks nice at conversational distance but up close, patchy coverage. Clings to dry patches. Feels very drying.
ReviewBuy at Ulta9/7/2018Too FacedTutti Frutti Dew You Fresh Glow FoundationSnow and Golden BeigeD+69SatinAverageSpongeSlightly dryingVisibleSlightly smoothedMediumYesYes7 HoursNoneSet w powderSlightly yellow1.35 ozSqueeze tube w/ pump20NoneHigh EndCruelty freeVegan$36.00 Definitely not full coverage. Definitely not dewy.
ReviewBuy at Revolution Beauty8/14/2020Makeup RevolutionXX Revolution Glow Skin FauxxdationShade 4.5D+69DewyAverageBrushHydratingPolka dot poresHighly TexturedFullSettles into deeper linesGunks up over time10 HoursMinimalSet w powderSlightly dark for summer1 ozGlass bottle w/ pump55NoneDrugstoreCruelty freeNo$18 Looks and wears nice at a distance but a bit of a hot mess up close. Gets greasy over time. Not the most comfortable. Great coverage.
ReviewBuy at Walmart12/8/2017Kokie CosmeticsSkin Perfect HD10CD+68Matte, flat, dryAverage to slightly heavySpongeVery dryingSome polka dot poresSlightly smoothedMediumSlightYes, especially on dry patches6 HoursNoneNoGood to slightly too light1 ozGlass bottle w/ pump18NoneDrugstoreCruelty freeNo$13 Not very buildable - heavy on 2nd coat. Cakey on dry patches. No dimension to skin - very flat. Separates over deeper lines to accentuate wrinkles.
ReviewBuy at Sephora6/22/2018GivenchyPhoto Perfexion Fluid Foundation1 Perfect IvoryD+68Satin matteLightweightBrush for coverage, sponge to blendNot dryingSlight blurSlightly visibleLight to Light MediumNoAfter 8 hours or so9 HoursNoneSet w powderGood0.80 ozGlass bottle w/ pump12SPF 20High EndNot CFNo$51 Finish is fairly flat. Sits on top of the skin in some spots.
ReviewBuy at Ulta6/21/2019Smith & CultVeiled Threat Micro Blurring Foundation130 NeutralD+68Satin naturalLightweightSpongeNot dryingVisibleVisibleMediumInto deeper linesDoes not layer well over primer or skin care8 HoursNoneNoGood1.11 ozGlass bottle w/ pump42NoneHigh EndCruelty freeVegan$42.00 Does not wear well over silicone based primer and skin care. Breaks apart on movement lines. Longevity is not great.
ReviewBuy at Ulta1/26/2017NyxTotal Control DropsLight IvoryD+67Velvet matteVery lightweightNeitherVery dryingPolka dot poresClings to dry patchesSheer to MediumYesAround Nose & dry patches9 HoursNoneNoSlightly Light, slightly yellow0.43 ozDropper bottle24DrugstoreCruelty freeUnknown$14 Shows brush texture. Soaks into sponge. Trouble blending powders on top. Bad for dry skin.
ReviewBuy at Ulta1/28/2017LA GirlPro Coverage IlluminatingPorcelainD+67Slightly dewyAverageSponge or BrushNot dryingSlight blurSlightly smoothedMedium in 2 layersYes into deeper linesNo6-8 HoursNoneVerySlightly dark, too yellow0.95 ozPlastic bottle w/ pump15 + whiteDrugstoreCruelty freeUnknown$10 Moves around a lot, concealer cakes on top. Stays tacky all day, hairs stick to it, never dries down, fingerprints, etc. Never dries down. Uncomfortable.
ReviewBuy at Walmart2/2/2018FoundNourishing Foundation110 PorcelainD+67MatteLightweightBrush for coverage, sponge to blendDryingVisibleSlightly smoothedLightYesYes, on dry patches and around nose6-7 HoursNoneNoGood1 ozGlass bottle w/ pump8NoneDrugstoreCruelty freeUnknown$13.88 Clings to dry patches. Patchy coverage. Redness shows through.
ReviewBuy at Ulta3/23/2018Flower BeautyLight IllusionL2 IvoryD+67DewyLightweightBrushSlightly dryingAccentuatedVisibleMediumSlightYes, on dry patches and around nose6 HoursYes, immediatelySet w powderGood for fair to light skin1.01 ozGlass bottle w/ pump12SPF 18DrugstoreCruelty freeNo (beeswax)$13.99 Clings to dry patches. Accentuates pores and some texture. Probably nice for skin with few flaws, but not great on maturing or dry skin.
ReviewBuy at Ulta6/20/2018DermablendSmooth CamoLinen 0CD+67Demi matteAverageBrush or spongeDryingPolka dot poresSlightly smoothedMedium to FullSlightYes, on dry patches and around nose6-8 HoursNoneSet w powderGood1 ozSqueeze tube15SPF 25High EndNot CFNo$38.00 Drying. Breaks apart on movement lines, settles into pores.Lasts about half of the advertised 16 hour wear time. Looks nice for a few hours. Not very comfortable.
ReviewBuy at Colour Pop8/3/2018Colour PopNo Filter FoundationLight 55D+67Satin matteSlightly heavySpongeSlightly dryingSlight settlingVisibleLight to MediumYes, into deeper linesYes, on dry patches and around nose9 HoursNoneSet w powderGood for summer0.85 ozGlass bottle w/ pump42NoneDrugstoreCruelty freeVegan$12 Sits on top of skin and does not blend well. Separates along expression lines. Wears well but slightly heavy. Makes skin look older.
ReviewBuy at Ulta10/11/2019Dose of ColorsMeet Your HueFair 107D+67Matte, drySlightly heavySpongeExceptionally dryingVisibleSlightly smoothedMedium to High MedInto deeper linesYes, on dry patches8 HoursNoneSet w powderSlightly too yellow and too dark1 ozGlass bottle w/ pump42NoneHigh EndCruelty freeVegan$36 Very very drying. Breaks apart along all wrinkles and micro-wrinkles. Beautiful on smooth skin with no lines but bad on fine lines.
ReviewBuy at Amazon1/20/2020MaybellineDream Radiant Liquid Foundation08 Fair IvoryD+67Demi matteLightweightBrushSlightly hydratingVisibleVisibleLight to MediumInto deeper linesSeparates along lines and clings to dry patches9 HoursNoneSet w powderGood for winter1 ozGlass bottle w/ pump20NoneDrugstoreNot CFUnknown$12.99 Accentuates lines. Finish is matte on me and nowhere near radiant.
ReviewBuy at Ulta2/28/2020MilaniScreen QueenCool ShellD+67SatinLightweightSponge or BlendifulSlightly DryingPoika dot poresVisibleLight to Light MediumYesClings to dry patches9 HoursNoneSet w powderToo light1 ozGlass bottle w/ pump45NoneDrugstoreCruelty freeVegan$13.99 Difficult pump. Settles into fine and deep lines, difficult to blend product on top of it. Slightly drying. Not great looking up close.
ReviewBuy at Sephora5/25/2020GivenchyTeint Couture City Balm Radiant Skin Perfecting TintC205D+67SatinSlightly heavyFingersSlightly dryingBlurredSlightly smoothedLight to MediumNo Not cakey10+ HoursSlight orangeStays tackyGood for self tanning1 ozSqueeze tube w/ pump14SPF 25High EndNot CFUnknown$47 Very strange dry-down resulting in patchy application. Feels like a plastic mask. Stays put, smoothing, but finicky to apply and uncomfortable.
ReviewBuy at Sephora3/13/2019BareMineralsComplexion Rescue Hydrating Stick20 VanillaD66Satin naturalLightweightFingersDryingPolka dot poresVisibleMediumNoSlightly cakey and patchy10-12 HoursSlightNoGood to slightly too dark.35 ozStick20SPF 25High EndCruelty freeUnknown$32 Difficult to apply - patchy and sinks into pores in spots. Looks nice at a distance but pretty bad close up. Feels light but looks heavy.
ReviewBuy at Ulta2/10/2021EssencePretty Natural Hydrating Foundation10 Cool PorcelainD66Satin naturalLightweightBrushVery dryingSlight polka dot poresSlightly smoothedSheer to lightDid not settleClings to flaking dry skin6-8 HoursNoneSet w powderGood for winter1 ozSqueeze tube16NoneDrugstoreCruelty freeVegan$6.99 Pretty finish but wear time isn't great and it's incredibly dehydrating in low humidity.
ReviewBuy at Sephora8/20/2021Huda BeautyGlowish Multidew Vegan Skin Tint Foundation01 FairD66DewyLightweightFingersNot dryingPolka dot poresSlightly visibleSheer to lightSettles into linesClings to texture6 HoursSlightly darkSet w powderGood until oxidation1.35 ozSqueeze tube w/ pump13NoneHigh EndCruelty freeVegan$37 Finish looks like plastic. Stays tacky until set with powder. Settles into lines and wear time is bad. Looks OK from a distance but cakey and plasticy up close.
ReviewBuy at Sephora11/11/22CalirayFree Dreaming Blurring Skin TintShade 2D66Satin naturalVery lightweightFingersNot dryingPolka dot poresTexture visibleSheerSettles into linesClings to dry skin and cakes up by the end of the night8 HoursNoneNoSlightly too light1 ozSqueeze bottle10NoneHigh EndCruelty freeUnknown$39 Love the planet-positive features, but sadly this doesn't work well with fine lines, pores, and texture. Settles a lot and doesn't wear very long.
ReviewBuy at Ulta5/5/2017CoverGirlVitalist Healthy Elixir710 Classic IvoryD 65Satin matte, flatLightweightSpongeSlightly dryingVisibleVisibleMedium in 2 layersNoNo4 HoursYes, immediatelySet w powderToo Dark, Yellow oxidizes to orange1 ozGlass bottle w/ pump14SPF 20DrugstoreCruelty freeUnknown$9 Patchy coverage. Oxidizes horribly. Separates at fine lines. Looks oddly gross - sheen on forehead at end of day.
ReviewBuy at Sephora8/27/2018BeccaSkin Love Weightless Blur FoundationPorcelainD65MatteLightweightSpongeSlightly hydratingPolka dot pores over timeSlightly smoothedMediumYes, slightYes, on nose5 HoursNoneNoSlightly too light1.23 ozSqueeze tube w/ pump24NoneHigh EndCruelty freeUnknown$44.00 Finish has potential but looked dry and a bit flat on me. Broke down after 5 hours. Good for dry skin - did not accentuate dry patches.
ReviewBuy at Target3/12/2019NeutrogenaHealthy Skin Enhancer20 Fair to LightD65Slightly matteLightweightFingersDryingVisibleSlightly smoothedSheerNoNo9 HoursSlightNoSlightly dark1 ozPlastic bottle w/ pump6SPF 20DrugstoreNot CFNo$12.99 Slight trouble blending concealer. Leans peachy orange. Fades gracefully.
ReviewBuy at Sephora11/15/2019Pretty VulgarCool AF Lava Water FoundationNo FilterD65MatteAverageSponge or BrushExceptionally dryingPolka dot poresSlightly smoothedMedium to High MedYesClings to texture and dry patches9 HoursHalf shade darkerNoGood but odd yellow undertone1.18 ozGlass bottle w/ pump15NoneHigh EndCruelty freeUnknown$39.00 Looks smoothing at a distance but settles into wrinkles and breaks apart along lines, clings to texture up close. Very very immediately drying.
ReviewBuy at Ulta11/29/2019ElcieMicro Silque FoundationPorcelainD 65Satin matte, flatVery lightweightSpongeNot dryingPolka dot poresHighly TexturedMediumNoClings heavily to dry patches and texture8 HoursNoneNoGreat for winter1 ozGlass bottle w/ pump12NoneHigh EndCruelty freeVegan$45 Clings to dry patches and accentuates texture. Dry to start, greasy by the end of the day. Exceptionally comfortable but looks fairly awful on mature skin.
ReviewBuy at Sephora9/18/2020Rare BeautyLiquid Touch Weightless Foundation160CD65Demi matteVery lightweightSpongeNot dryingPolka dot poresVisibleMedium to FullSettles into deeper linesClings to dry and flaking skin10 HoursNoneNoGood1 ozPlastic bottle w/ pump48NoneHigh EndCruelty freeVegan$29 Sits on top of the skin, breaks along movement lines. Looks dry, clings to dry skin. Great coverage and wear, great shades - just looks bad on the skin.
ReviewBuy at Ulta2/18/2022Jaclyn CosmeticsSkin Perfecting Blurring TintFair LightD65Satin matte, flatAverageFingersNot dryingVisibleVisibleSheerYesClings to dry patches, texture8 HoursNoneVery sticky. Must set w powder.Slightly too light1 ozAirless pump12NoneHigh EndCruelty freeVegan$34 OK at a conversational distance. Dry and clingy to texture and dry patches up close.
ReviewBuy at Ulta02/03/23EssenceKeep Me Covered Long Lasting FoundationPorcelainD65Matte, dryLightweightBrushDryingPolka dot poresSlightly visibleLight to mediumSettles into deeper linesClings to dry skin9 HoursNoneNoSlightly too light1 ozGlass bottle w/ pump15NoneDrugstoreCruelty freeVegan$6.99 Can't recommend it for dry or maturing skin. Doesn't live up to the long lasting claim either.
ReviewBuy at Sephora7/12/2019ErborianCC Cream Radiance Color CorrectorClairD64DewyLightweightFingersDryingSlight blurSlightly smoothedSheerNoNo8 HoursOrangeYesToo dark, orange1.5 ozSqueeze tube3SPF 25High EndCruelty freeUnknown$44 Catches and darkens around hairlines, finicky to blend. Looks and wears nice but turns way too dark for fair skin and slightly orange. Shade is unwearable. Gets very dewy.
ReviewBuy at Sephora9/24/2021YSLNu Bare Look Skin TintShade 2D64SatinVery lightweightFingersSlightly hydratingPolka dot poresSlightly smoothedSheerSettles into poresSits on top of skin in spots8 HoursNoneSet w powderGood for winter1 ozSqueeze tube20NoneHigh EndNot CFUnknown$38 Sits on top of the skin and settles into pores on dry areas. Good on normal skin areas but not good on dry areas. Too much work for sheer coverage. Needed major powder setting to get it looking wearable. Transferred a lot onto masks.
ReviewBuy at Ulta1/18/2019L'OrealInfallible Fresh Wear 24 HR Foundation410 IvoryD-63Satin matte, flatAverageBrushDryingSome polka dot poresVisbleMediumYesYes, especially on dry patches10 HoursSlightNoGood1 ozGlass bottle w/ pump30SPF 25DrugstoreNot CFNo$14.99 Separates over fine lines. Sinks into pores in areas with multiple layers. Dries down quickly - difficult to build. Clings to dry patches and texture.
ReviewBuy at Sephora2/19/2020Bite BeautyChangemaker Supercharged Micellar FoundationL15D-62NaturalLightweightSpongeVery dryingPolka dot poresVisibleSheerYesClings to dry patches10 HoursNoneNoGood for winter1 ozSqueeze tube36NoneHigh EndCruelty freeVegan$39.50 Super drying, patchy, minimal coverage, settles into lines. Looks decent at a distance but a hot mess up close.
ReviewBuy at MR6/18/2021Makeup RevolutionBody Veil Face and Body FoundationF6D-62Satin luminous dewyLightweightFingersHydratingPolka dot poresVisibleMediumSettles into linesClings to texture and dry patches8 HoursNoneNot stickyGood4.05 ozSqueeze bottle15NoneDrugstoreCruelty freeVegan$18 Shades are not consistent with same-named shades in other formulas. Breaks down on movement lines, settles into pores, definitely NOT a MAC Face and Body dupe in any way. VERY heavily scented. Lingers.
ReviewBuy at Ulta7/21/2017Models OwnMatte Runway FoundationPorcelainD61Matte, dryLightweightSpongeSlightly dryingSlight settlingVisibleHigh Light to Low MediumYesYes4 HoursNoneNoToo Light1 ozSqueeze tube8NoneDrugstoreUnknownUnknown$11.99 Super dry. Patchy. Broke down severely on chin after less than 4 hours. Visible oil on face after 4 hours.
ReviewBuy at Ulta12/5/2017MaybellineSuper Stay Full Coverage110 PorcelainD-61Matte, flat, dryHeavyBrushDryingVisibleHighly TexturedFullMinimalVery cakey8+ HoursNoneNoSlightly too light1 ozGlass bottle w/ pump16NoneDrugstoreNot CFNo$11.99 Emphasizes lines and texture. Flat with no dimension. Heavy and uncomfortable to wear. Not good for dry or maturing skin.
ReviewBuy at Ulta2/23/2018AlmayBest Blend Forever Foundation100 PorcelainD-61Satin matteSlightly heavyBrushNot dryingAccentuatedVisibleLight to MediumYes, lotsYes, everywhere6-8 HoursSlightYesOK1 ozSqueeze tube12SPF 40DrugstoreNot CFNo$16.99 Patchy. Sits on top of skin. Trouble blending products on top. Oxidized to a green undertone. Uneven wear.
ReviewBuy at Ulta7/27/2018L'OrealInfallible Longwear Shaping Stick401 IvoryD-61Satin to slightly illuminatingAverageBrushGreasyPolka dot poresVisibleMediumYesYes, especially on dry patches5 HoursNone to SlightSet w powderSlightly too dark.32 ozStick12SPF 27DrugstoreNot CFNo$13 Greasy. Transfers easily. Breaks down and wears off after 5 hours. Didn't look awful from a distance but up close, yuck. Not comfortable.
ReviewBuy at Sephora9/14/2018Natasha DenonaTransformatte Pore Vanishing Foundation24W LightD-61Matte, dryAverageBrush for coverage, sponge to blendSlightly dryingVisibleSlightly smoothedMediumYesSlight around mouth8 HoursSlightSet w powderExcellent for slight color0.94 ozSqueeze tube w/ pump35NoneHigh EndCruelty freeUnknown$45.00 Heavy on nose, separates around movement lines, settles, looks like makeup on top of skin, slightly drying.
ReviewBuy on Amazon11/22/2018MaybellineDream Satin Liquid Foundation10 Porcelain IvoryD-61Matte, dryAverageBrushDryingVisibleVisibleLight to High LightYesYes over time8 HoursSlightSet w powderSlightly too dark1 ozGlass bottle w/ pump12NoneDrugstoreNot CFNo$9.99 Very aging, emphasizes lines, texture. Drying. Finish pretty without powder but stays tacky, so needs to be set. Very dry looking with powder.
ReviewBuy at Ulta4/11/2016LoracSheer PoreFectionPS1 PorcelainD-60Satin matteLightweightSpongeVery dryingVisibleVisibleLight to MediumYesYes4 HoursNoneSet w powderSlightly too light1.2 ozGlass bottle w/ pump8NoneHigh EndNot CFNo$35 Wore away very quickly <4 hours. Very drying.
ReviewBuy at Ulta1/23/2018CliniqueBeyond Perfecting Foundation & Concealer0.5 BreezeD-60Matte, flatSlightly heavySpongeSlightly dryingVisibleVisible. Scaly. Medium to FullYesYes, especially on dry patches5 HoursSlightNoGood1 ozGlass bottle w/ doe foot27NoneHigh EndNot CFNo$28 Scaley and textured. Settles into lines. Heavy. Started breaking down around the 4 hour mark.
ReviewBuy at Ulta4/27/2018NeutrogenaHydro Boost Hydrating TintClassic IvoryD-60Matte, flatAverageBrushSlightly dryingVisibleVisibleSheer to LightYesYes, on dry patches and around nose4 HoursNoneNoGood1 ozPlastic bottle w/ pump10NoneDrugstoreNot CFNo$14.99 Patchy coverage. Looked like a mask after 2 hours. Does not hold up well over time.
ReviewBuy at Sephora4/26/2019IT CosmeticsConfidence in a Foundation110 Light Fair NeutralD-60MatteSlightly heavySpongeSlightly dryingVisibleClings to dry patchesMediumInto deeper linesCakey on all texture and dry patches10 HoursNoneNoSlightly yellow1 ozGlass bottle w/ pump48NoneHigh EndCruelty freeUnknown$32 Accentuates every bit of texture and dry skin. Almost unwearable. Looks almost OK from a distance but bad up close.
ReviewBuy at Ulta7/26/2019Kiehl'sSkin Tone Correcting & Beautifying BB CreamFair LightD-60DewyAverageFingersSlightly dryingVIsibleVisibleLightInto deeper linesClings to dry skin and texture6-8 HoursSlight orangeYesToo dark1.35 ozSqueeze tube4SPF 50High EndNot CFNo$38 Cakes up orange. Poor longevity. Doesn't look horrible but cheap ingredients and a lot of denatured alcohol at this price point. Shades are terrible.
ReviewBuy at Milani10/25/2019MilaniConceal & Perfect Stick210 Creamy NudeD-60Matte, dryLightweightDense brushNot dryingPolka dot poresHighly TexturedLight to Light MediumYesYes4 HoursSlightNoTurns slightly dark and orange0.43 ozStick20NoneDrugstoreCruelty freeVegan$9.99 Looks OK at a distance the first couple hours, but overly ages dry or textured skin and breaks apart after a few hours.
ReviewBuy at Ulta3/6/2020Physicians FormulaOrganic Wear Silk Foundation ElixirFairD-60Dewy to GreasyLightweightSponge or BrushSlightly dryingPoika dot poresClings to dry patchesLight to Light MediumSettles into deeper linesClings to dry skin edges9 HoursNoneStickyGood for winter1 ozGlass bottle w/ dropper12NoneDrugstoreCruelty freeVegan$15.99 Greasy and settles into deep lines. Oddly not moisturizing but slightly drying.
ReviewBuy at Ulta12/29/2021TarteSugar Rush Skin Treat Poreless Tinted MoisturizerFairD-60Matte, dryLightweightFingersVery dryingPolka dot poresVisibleSheer to lightSettles into deeper linesClings to dry skin8 HoursNoneNoSlightly too light1 ozSqueeze tube9SPF 20High EndCruelty freeVegan$32 Feels very soft on the skin but very drying on me. Clings to dry skin and settles into pores and deeper lines.
ReviewBuy at PF12/29/2017Physicians FormulaHealthy FoundationLC1F59Satin naturalLightweightSpongeNot dryingSlight blurSlightly smoothedMedium to FullMinimalNo8+ HoursOrange!!NoVery Good1 ozDoe Foot Applicator16SPF 20DrugstoreCruelty freeVegan$14.95 Oxidized 2-3 shades orange on me. Doesn't seem to oxidize on everybody, so worth a shot! Beautiful finish - B- if it didn't oxidize.
ReviewBuy at Sephora3/7/2018Marc JacobsShameless Youthful Wear FoundationY210F59Satin naturalVery lightweightNeitherDryingVisibleVisibleMediumNoYes, everywhere8 HoursNoneNoSlightly dark, too yellow1.08 ozSqueeze tube29SPF 25High EndCruelty freeUnknown$46 Very patchy. Flashback despite claiming invisible SPF. Drying despite claims that it hydrates. Looked awful with 2 different primers.
ReviewBuy at Ulta7/26/2021MaybellineInstant Age Rewind Perfector 4 in 1 Glow01 LightF59Glowy but plastic-yVery lightweightFingersHydratingPolka dot poresHighly TexturedSheerSettles into linesClings to dry skin8 HoursNoneSlightly stickyGood (but coverage is invisible)0.68 ozSponge tip5NoneDrugstoreNot CFUnknown$12.99 This is over $19 per ounce! It is not a dupe for Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Finish in any way, shape, or form. No smoothing, no blurring. Looks like plastic on the skin (albeit comfortable plastic). No coverage. Glow looks fake. Did not like this at all.
ReviewBuy at HSN11/19/2018Signature Club AOver 40 Only Vitamic C Silicone Line Fill Foundation#1 FairF57Satin luminousHeavyFingers DryingVisibleVisibleLightYesGunks up over time9 HoursNoneTackyToo dark, Orange1 ozTub2NoneHigh EndUnknownNo$28 Classic formula like grandma used to wear. Not good.
ReviewBuy at Ulta8/16/2019Juvia's PlaceI Am Magic730 IslaF57Satin naturalAverageSpongeNot dryingPolka dot poresVisibleMedium to FullYesYes8 HoursNoneSet w powderSlightly too light1 ozSqueeze tube42NoneHigh EndCruelty freeVegan$20.00 Sits on top of the skin, clings to hair lines, settles into pores, breaks up around movement lines, and doesn't help smooth or blur anything. Definitely not a velvet matte finish.
ReviewBuy at Sephora1/24/2018Sephora10 Hour Wear Perfection Light Porcelain 05F55Matte, flat, dryLightweightSpongeDryingVisibleScaleySheer to LightYesYes, on dry patches and around nose4 HoursNoneNoSlightly too light0.84 ozGlass bottle w/ pump37NoneHigh EndCruelty freeUnknown$20 Scaley and textured. Smooth on cheeks, awful on nose and dry patches. Broke down after 4 hours.
ReviewBuy at Ulta1/2/2019PUR4 in 1 Foundation StickPorcelainF55Satin matteLightweightBrushSlightly dryingAccentuatedVisibleMediumYes, everywhereClings to dry patches4 HoursNoneSet w powderExcellent0.3 ozStick24NoneHigh EndCruelty freeUnknown$34.00 Significant breakdown and separation after 3 hours, especially around dynamic wrinkles. Settles into pores and lines.
ReviewBuy at Ulta3/27/2020W3ll PeopleNarcissist Stick Foundation Fair PinkF55Dewy to GreasyAverageBrushSlightly dryingPolka dot pores over timeVisibleLight to MediumSettles into deeper linesClings to dry skin8 HoursSlightSet w powderGood0.4 ozStick10NoneHigh EndCruelty freeUnknown$28.99 Oil based, appears greasy over time. Clings to dry skin.
ReviewBuy at Ulta1/1/2021ElfCamo CC Cream150C FairF55MatteLightweightBrushExceptionally dryingPolka dot poresHighly TexturedHigh MediumSettles into deeper linesClings to dry patches4 HoursDarkens on peeling skinNoGood1 ozSqueeze tube w/ pump20SPF 30DrugstoreCruelty freeVegan$14 Gorgeous for 2 hours, great on camera and at a distance - until about the 4 hour mark when it dehydrates skin so much that I want to scratch my face off.
ReviewBuy at Il Makiage10/2/2020Il MakiageWoke Up Like This FoundationShade 40F50MatteAverageNeitherSlightly dryingPolka dot poresTexture accentuatedMediumSlight into deep linesVery cakey, sits on top of skin8 HoursNoneNoGood for self tanning1 ozGlass bottle w/ pump50NoneHigh EndCruelty freeUnknown$44 Sits strangely on skin. Emphasizes texture, settles into pores, splits apart along my smile lines. Makes me look older.
ReviewBuy at Ulta2/3/2021CatriceClean ID Hydro BB CreamFair NeutralF50SatinVery lightweightSpongeSlightly hydratingPolka dot poresVisibleNoneDid not settleClings to texture and dry patches0 HoursNoneSet w powderToo light1.01 ozSqueeze tube7NoneDrugstoreCruelty freeVegan$10 No coverage and clings to all flaking skin. Hydrating but does nothing to smooth texture or pores. Not a good base for powder. No reason to wear it, really.
ReviewBuy at Wet n Wild2/15/2019Wet n WildPhoto Focus Stick FoundationPorcelainF40Demi matteLightweightBrushVery dryingPolka dot poresVisibleMediumYesClings to texture and dry patches6-8 HoursNoneNoGood for winter0.42ozStick21NoneDrugstoreCruelty freeVegan$5.99 Very immediately drying. Broke down quickly and looked disastrous at 8 hours.
ReviewBuy at Sephora2/8/2019HourglassVanish Seamless Finish LiquidVanillaF35MatteLightweightBrushUnable to testVisibleHighly TexturedFull but patchyYesClings to all texture and dry patches0 HoursNoneNoSummer shade0.84 ozGlass bottle w/ pump32NoneHigh EndCruelty freeVegan$56 Unwearable. Clings to every dry patch and bit of texture. Settles into lines. Patchy. Sits on top of skin.
ReviewBuy at Sephora12/8/2016Make Up For EverWater BlendR210F30Satin naturalLightweightBrushNot dryingPolka dot poresVisibleSheerNoNo6 HoursNoneNoSlightly yellow1 ozGlass bottle w/ pump20NoneHigh EndNot CFNo$43 Sponge soaks up product. Use a ton of product to get light coverage. Patchy. Wears horribly over 9 hours. Wore off everywhere. Polka dots. Looked oily after 9 hours.
ReviewBuy at Ulta3/14/2019TarteFace Tape Foundation16 Fair Light NeutralF30MatteLightweightBrushVery dryingPolka dot poresHighly TexturedMedium to FullNoVery cakey0 HoursUnknownNoGood1.01 ozGlass bottle w/ pump50NoneHigh EndCruelty freeVegan$39 Clings to dry patches and texture, sinks into pores, accentuates micro wrinkles. Very dry looking. Unwearable on me. Sets down to transfer-proof. Might work for not-dry skin.
ReviewBuy at Ulta1/27/2021Makeup RevolutionSuper Dewy Tinted MoisturizerLightF30Slightly dewyLightweightFingersSlightly dryingPolka dot poresVisibleNoneDid not settlePills up0 HoursNoneSet w powderToo light1.7 ozSqueeze tube8NoneDrugstoreCruelty freeVegan$12 Pills up with any skin care underneath or any liquid applied on top of it. Unwearable for me. Might be good for someone with no morning skin care to replace a moisturizer.
ReviewBuy at Ulta3/2/2018TarteShape Tape Matte FoundationFair NeutralF10Matte, dryLightweightSponge or BrushDryingVisibleVisibleMediumYesYes, everywhere4 HoursNoneNoGood1.01 ozGlass bottle w/ doe foot18NoneHigh EndCruelty freeVegan$39 Initially very smoothing but looks awful quickly. Trouble blending other products on top. Separates on expression lines.
ReviewBuy at Walmart5/11/2020NeutrogenaProtect & Tint SPF30 Tinted MoisturizerIvory to Fair 10F1DewyLightweightSponge or FingersHydratingPolka dot poresVisibleSheer to noneUnable to testEverywhere0 HoursUnknownNoGood1.1 ozSqueeze tube5SPF 30DrugstoreNot CFUnknown$8.47 Pills up even on a bare face with no skin care, no primer. Looks like plastic. Cannot apply powder or liquid products on top of it.
ReviewBuy at Beautylish11/3/2017JouerEssential High Coverage CrèmeAlabasterF0Matte, dryLightweightNeitherExceptionally dryingPolka dot poresSlightly smoothedHighYes, lotsVery cakey0 HoursNoneNoToo light0.68 ozGlass bottle w/ pump17NoneHigh EndCruelty freeVegan$38 Unwearable. Liquid and powder won't blend on top. Patchy. Scaley. Clings to dry patches. Immediately drying and itchy.
ReviewBuy at Ulta10/20/2017Burt's BeesGoodness Glows1005 Porcelain F0Matte, drySlightly heavySponge or BrushDryingPolka dot poresVisbleLight to MediumYes, lotsYes6 HoursNoneSet w powderToo light1 ozGlass bottle w/ pump12NoneDrugstoreCruelty freeUnknown$16.99 Turns scaley on cheek/forehead texture. Clings to dry patches and blemishes. Just about unwearable.
ReviewBuy at Sephora5/28/2016Josie MaranVibrancy Argan Oil FoundationG10 SupernaturalF0Dewy & LuminousLightweightSponge or BrushHydratingVisibleHighly TexturedMediumYes, lotsNo0 HoursNoneYesGood1 ozGlass bottle w/ pump14NoneHigh EndCruelty freeUnknown$45 Unwearable. Settles massively into lines. Doesn't dry down even with powder. Highly texturized.
ReviewBuy at Sephora6/9/2018Sunday RileyInfluencer120F0MatteLightweightNeitherUnable to testPolka dot poresHighly TexturedLight to MediumYesYes, everywhere0 HoursNoneSet w powderSlightly too light1.08 ozSqueeze tube w/ pump20NoneHigh EndCruelty freeUnknown$42 Unwearable. Very patchy, uneven application. Sticks in pores and to any texture. Cakey. Moves around, won't set.
ReviewBuy at Sally6/12/2018COL-LABBright Start Radiant FoundationIvory 02F0Satin matteAverageNeitherVery dryingPolka dot poresVisibleLightYes, lotsYes, everywhere0 HoursTurns Ashy GrayNoSlightly too dark1 ozGlass bottle w/ pump10NoneDrugstoreCruelty freeUnknown$14.99 Looks gross, patchy, cakey, heavy. Super drying. Oxidizes to a gray undertone. Basically unwearable.
ReviewBuy at Ulta12/6/2019Jane IredaleA FoundationRadiantF0StickyLightweightNeitherUnable to testPolka dot poresVisibleNoneUnable to testUnable to test0 HoursSlightStickyToo dark1.01 ozGlass bottle w/ pump13NoneHigh EndCruelty freeUnknown$55 Unwearable. Zero coverage. Sticky. Looks like saran wrap by the end of a day.
ReviewBuy at Ulta2/5/2021CatriceTrue Skin Hydrating Foundation2 Neutral IvoryF0Matte, dryHeavyNeitherDryingPolka dot poresHighly TexturedLight Unable to testYes, clings and cakes up everywhere0 HoursUnknownNoToo light1 ozGlass bottle w/ pump17NoneDrugstoreCruelty freeVegan$11 Unwearable. Clings horrifically to all dry, textured, or flaking skin and settles into pores. I also had a stinging reaction to this foundation (though that is not considered in the grade).
ReviewBuy at Ulta8/25/2021MaybellineFit Me Tinted MoisturizerShade 115F0Matte, flatLightweightFingersUnable to testPolka dot poresScaleySheerUnable to testCaking everywhere. Sat on top of skin.0 HoursUnknownNoGood1 ozSqueeze tube14NoneDrugstoreNot CFUnknown$9.99 Unwearable. Clings everywhere, settles into all pores, sits on top of the skin, looks dry and flat.