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Concealer Fest Just like my foundation list – here are all of the concealers I’ve reviewed on my YouTube channel, searchable and sortable! You can view the entire Concealer Fest playlist on YouTube (series debut: June 2019).

These notes are based on my full-day wear tests. I am 48 years old and have fair, normal to skin with some fine lines and some sun damage. I have a neutral skin tone and can vary from neutral undertones to very slightly warm or cool. Depending on the time of year, in the Sephora ColorIQ testing I am 1Y03, 1R03, or 2R03. I prefer the look of foundations with a cool undertone (the 1R or 2R). My winter MAC shade is NW10 and the rest of the year I am NW13-15. My favorite finish is a natural satin to luminous finish, and I do not like to appear overly dewy (i.e. sweaty-dewy).

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Updated: April 23, 2023

ReviewBuyBrandProductShadeGradeScoreReview DateFinishPref ApplicationFeelCoverageLinesSettlingCakingWear TimeShade MatchQuantityPackagingShade RangeCategoryCF?Vegan?PriceNotes
ReviewBuy at BeautylishBy TerryTerrybly Densiliss Concealer1 Fresh FairA9912/9/2022Satin naturalBrush or fingertipsHydratingLight to Light MediumSmoothedDoes not settleNot cakey10 HoursGood.24 ozPaddle foot5High EndNot CFUnknown$69 Gorgeous and hydrating. Smooths lines and does not cling to dry patches or flakes. Way up there as a new favorite.
ReviewBuy at FieraFieraLuxury ConcealerBeigeA995/3/2023Satin luminousSponge or Brush or FingertipsVery hydratingMediumVery smoothedDoes not settleNot cakey12 HoursGood0.5 ozSqueeze Tube5High EndCruelty FreeUnknown$39.97 Gorgeous and hydrating. Only slightly less smoothing than CT Magic Away. Wears well over time.
ReviewBuy on AmazonL'OrealAge Perfect Radiant Concealer200 IvoryA983/2/2020Dewy & LuminousBrush for coverage, sponge to smoothHydratingMediumSmoothedDoes not settleNot cakey10+ HoursGood0.23 ozPaddle foot16DrugstoreNot CFUnknown$12.99 Gorgeous and hydrating. Only slightly less smoothing than CT Magic Away.
ReviewBuy at SephoraPat McGrath LabsSublime Perfection ConcealerL4A983/11/2020Satin matteBrush or fingertipsSlightly hydratingMediumSmoothedDoes not settleNot cakey10 HoursGood0.16Doe foot36High EndCruelty FreeUnknown$32.00 Gorgeous, smoothing, luminous satin finish.
ReviewBuy at UltaWet n WildMegaLast Incognito All Day Full Coverage ConcealerLight BeigeA981/20/2021Satin matteFingertipHydratingMedium to FullSmoothedDoes not settleNot cakey11 HoursSkin tone match0.18 ozPaddle foot8DrugstoreCruelty Free
ReviewBuy at UltaTarteShape Tape Ultra Creamy Concealer16NA976/11/2021Satin naturalSpongeHydratingMediumSlightly smoothedDoes not settleNot cakey10+ HoursGood0.33 ozLarge doe foot35High EndCruelty FreeUnknown$27 Beautiful finish, very hydrating. Good coverage. Slight plumping of fine lines over time to smooth them out.
ReviewBuy at SephoraMarc JacobsAccomplice ConcealerFair 10A968/19/2019Satin naturalBrush for coverage, sponge to smoothHydratingMedium to FullSlightly smoothedDoes not settleNot cakey10+ HoursSkin tone match0.17 ozStick17High EndCruelty FreeVegan$32.00 Gorgeous and hydrating. Only slightly less smoothing than CT Magic Away.
ReviewBuy at UltaRevlonColor Stay Skin Awaken ConcealerFairA961/7/2022Satin naturalSponge or FingertipSlightly hydratingMedium to FullSlightly smoothedDoes not settleNot cakey10 HoursGood0.27 ozSponge Tip19DrugstoreNot CFUnknown$11.99 Excellent coverage and wear. Not quite spandex-smoothing but looks very nice.
ReviewBuy at UltaMakeup RevolutionEye Bright ConcealerLightA942/22/2021Dewy & LuminousFingertipVery hydratingLight to Light MediumSlightly visibleDoes not settleNot cakey9 HoursGood.10 ozTwist Tube8DrugstoreCruelty FreeUnknown$10 Very hydrating! Slightly less smoothing and coverage than Charlotte Tilbury so not quite a dupe but a very nice concealer for dry skin.
ReviewBuy at SephoraIliaTrue Skin Serum ConcealerChicory SC1A-936/24/2019Satin naturalSponge or BrushSlightly hydratingMediumSmoothedDoes not settleNot cakey10+ HoursSlightly dark0.16 ozDoe foot9High EndCruelty FreeVegan$30.00 Tap out settling one time after main application. Stays put after that. Beautiful.
ReviewBuy at UltaMilaniConceal & Perfect Longwear ConcealerNude IvoryA-933/4/2020Satin naturalBrushNot dryingMediumSlightly smoothedDOes not settleNot cakey10 HoursSlightly yellow0.17 ozPaddle foot18DrugstoreCruelty FreeVegan$8.99 Nice coverage, slightly smoothing, not at all drying.
ReviewBuy at NordstromChanelLongwear Concealer10 BeigeA-935/13/2020Satin naturalFingertipHydratingMediumSlightly smoothedDoes not settleNot cakey10 HoursGood0.25 ozDoe foot8High EndNot CFUnknown$43.00 8 shades plus 3 color corrector shades. Very pretty. Freezes deeper lines in place a tiny bit but generally smoothing.
ReviewBuy at SephoraTarteRainforest of the Sea AquacealerFair LightA-927/8/2019Satin naturalSponge or BrushHydratingLightSlightly smoothedDoes not settleNot cakeyGood0.34 ozDoe foot12High EndCruelty FreeVegan$26.00 Blends easily. Serum consistency. Set lightly with powder.
ReviewBuy at SephoraDiorForever Skin Correct Concealer1.5NA-924/6/2020Satin naturalBrush or fingertipsNot dryingMedium to FullSlightly smoothedDoes not settleClings slightly to dry patches9+ HoursGood for summer0.37 ozDoe foot30High EndNot CFUnknown$36.00 Do not use a damp sponge to blend! Clings slightly to dry patches. Otherwise beautiful.
ReviewBuy at SephoraTarteSEA Hydrocealer Concealer14B Fair Light BeigeA-926/15/2020Satin naturalFingertipHydratingLightSmoothedDoes not settleNot cakey10 HoursGood for summer0.21 ozPaddle foot30High EndCruelty FreeVegan$24.00 Pretty finish and nicely smoothing. Don't try to build it up. Better without powder.
ReviewBuy at UltaNyxBorn to Glow Radiant ConcealerLight IvoryA-925/26/2021Satin naturalFingertipHydratingLight to Light MediumSmoothedDoes not settleClings to flaking skin10 HoursGood0.14 ozSqueeze Tube24DrugstoreCruelty FreeVegan$9.00 Beautiful finish, very hydrating. Only down side is accentuates flaking skin.
ReviewBuy at SephoraArmani BeautyLuminous Silk ConcealerShade 3.75A-927/9/2021Satin naturalSpongeHydratingLight to MediumSlightly smoothedDoes not settleNot cakey9 HoursSlightly light0.4 ozDoe foot20High EndNot CFUnknown$38 Pretty finish, gives a bit of smoothing and hydration. Wish it wore a little longer.
ReviewBuy at UltaAnastasia Beverly HillsMagic Touch ConcealerShade 4A-929/15/2021Satin naturalSponge or BrushSlightly hydratingMedium to FullSlightly visibleDoes not settleNot cakey12 HoursSlightly light0.4 ozDoe foot25High EndCruelty FreeUnknown$29 Excellent coverage and wear. I just wish it smoothed over lines a little better.
ReviewBuy at SephoraCharlotte TilburyBeautiful Skin Radiant Concealer3 FairA-9210/14/2022Satin naturalBrushSlightly hydratingMediumSlightly visibleDoes not settleNot cakey10 HoursA smidge light0.25 ozDoe foot30High EndCruelty FreeUnknown$33 Pretty finish but doesn't do the spandex-level of smoothing like the old Magic Away did. Great coverage, comfortable and not drying.
ReviewBuy at UltaMakeup RevolutionConceal & Define Infinite XLC3A-902/17/2020Satin naturalBrushNot dryingMedium to High MediumVisibleDoes not settleNot cakey12 HoursGood0.16 ozDoe foot60DrugstoreCruelty FreeUnknown$10 Very good coverage. Handles dry patches well. Solid wear time. Tons of shades.
ReviewBuy at UltaLoracPro Soft Focus Longwear Concealer1.5 FairA-904/27/2020Satin matteSpongeNot dryingMedium to FullSlightly smoothedDoes not settleClings a tiny bit to dry patches11+ HoursGood0.25 ozPaddle foot12High EndCruelty FreeVegan$24.00 Great coverage, long wear, good for dry skin and fine lines.
ReviewBuy at SephoraKosasRevealer Super Creamy Brightening ConcealerTone 3A-905/4/2020Satin naturalSpongeHydratingMediumSlightly smoothedDoes not settleNot cakey8 HoursGood for summer0.20 ozPaddle foot16High EndCruelty FreeVegan$28.00 Very pretty, great coverage, graceful wear. Could be slightly more smoothing and a little longer wearing.
ReviewBuy at UltaEstee LauderDouble Wear Instant Fix Concealer0.5N Ultra LightB+898/26/2019Satin naturalBrushHydratingMedium to High MediumSlightly smoothedDoes not settleNot cakey9 HoursGood0.41 ozPaddle foot22High EndNot CFUnknown$29.00 Do hydra prep step before foundation. Nicely hydrating with a bit of smoothing.
ReviewBuy at UltaMACStudio Fix Smooth Wear ConcealerNW15B+887/22/2019Satin naturalSponge or BrushNot dryingLight to MediumModerately smoothedDoes not settleNot cakey10+ HoursSlightly light0.30 ozDoe foot33High EndNot CFNo$22.00 Blends easily. Wears well, nicely smoothing.
ReviewBuy at YensaYensa BeautySkin on Skin BC ConcealerFair CoolB+889/11/2020Satin naturalBrush or fingertipsNot dryingMediumSlightly smoothedDoes not settleClings a tiny bit to dry patches10+ HoursGood0.27 ozDoe foot5High EndCruelty FreeUnknown$28 Very good coverage and wear time. Clinging to dry skin improves over time.
ReviewBuy at UltaL'OrealInfallible ProGlow Concealer01 Classic IvoryB+878/3/2020Dewy & LuminousSpongeHydratingSheer to LightVisibleDoes not settleClings a tiny bit to dry patches10 HoursGood for summer0.21 ozPaddle foot8DrugstoreNot CFUnknown$9.99 Very dewy and reflective. Smooth and hydrating, but doesn't blur lines. Very light coverage.
ReviewBuy at UltaElfHydrating Camo ConcealerLight PeachB862/10/2020Satin naturalBrush for coverage, sponge to smoothHydratingMedium to FullVisibleDoes not settleNot cakey10+ HoursGood0.20 ozDoe foot25DrugstoreCruelty FreeVegan$6.00 Very pretty, good coverage, wears well, also works as no-foundation spot concealer. Breaks apart along fine lines but does not settle into them.
ReviewBuy at UltaMakeup RevolutionConceal & Hydrate ConcealerC3B859/14/2019Satin naturalSpongeNot dryingMediumVisibleDoes not settleNot cakey10 HoursSlightly dark0.45 ozDoe foot50DrugstoreCruelty FreeUnknown$10.00 Does not smooth lines but does not settle and coverage is nice.
ReviewBuy at CVSL'OrealTrue Match Eye Cream in a ConcealerN1-2B858/12/2020Satin naturalFingertip for coverage, sponge to smoothVery hydratingLightSmoothedSlight settlingClings a tiny bit to dry patches7 HoursGood0.4 ozSqueeze Tube14DrugstoreNot CFUnknown$14.99 Beautiful finish, very hydrating, but very short wear time.
ReviewBuy at AmazonJOAHPerfect Complexion Under Eye ConcealerFair coolB853/17/2023Satin naturalBrushSlightly dryingLightVisibleDoes not settleNot cakey10 HoursSlightly light0.20 ozSponge Tip7DrugstoreCruelty FreeVegan$11.99 Nice coverage and pretty finish but slightly drying and doesn't minimize lines (though doesn't accentuate them)
ReviewBuy at UltaLancomeMaquicomplet Complete Coverage Concealer90 IvoryB849/2/2019Satin naturalSpongeSlightly dryingMediumVisibleDoes not settleNot cakey10 HoursGood0.23 ozDoe foot12High EndNot CFUnknown$31.00 Not very smoothing but doesn't accentuate lines. Nice coverage but slightly drying.
ReviewBuy at SephoraBenefitBoi-ing Cakeless ConcealerShade 1B-839/16/2019Demi matteSponge or BrushNot dryingMediumVIsibleDoes not settleNot cakey11+ HoursSlightly light0.17 ozDoe foot12High EndNot CFNo$22.00 Nice wear and coverge. Wish it smoothed lines better.
ReviewBuy at UltaUOMA BeautyStay Woke Luminous Brightening ConcealerFair Lady T2B-826/10/2019Demi matteBrush for coverage, sponge to smoothNot dryingMedium to High MediumVisibleDoes not settleNot cakey9 HoursSlightly dark0.17 ozDoe foot17High EndCruelty FreeVegan$25.00 Doesn't accentuate lines but doesn't smooth them, either. Wears well over time.
ReviewBuy at TargetNeutrogenaHealthy Skin Radiant Cream ConcealerEcruB-816/3/2020Satin naturalSponge or BrushSlightly dryingLight to MediumSlightly visibleDoes not settleNot cakey10 HoursGood0.24 ozPaddle foot15DrugstoreNot CFUnknown$14.99 Looks a tiny bit drying up close but nice at a distance. A tiny bit drying. Solid wear time.
ReviewBuy at UltaColourPopPretty Fresh Hyaluronic Creamy ConcealerFair 20 NC+783/9/2020Satin matteFingertipNot dryingLight to MediumVisibleDoes not settleClings to dry patches10 HoursGood0.30 ozPaddle foot30DrugstoreCruelty FreeNot CF$9.00 Accentuates crepey texture and dry skin but has nice long wearing coverage.
ReviewBuy at SephoraHourglassVanish Airbrush ConcealerCrèmeC754/13/2020Satin matteFingertipSlightly dryingMedium to High MediumSlightly accentuatedDoes not settleClings slightly to dry patches12 HoursGood0.20 ozDoe foot22High EndCruelty FreeUnknown$34.00 Freezes fine lines in place. Nice coverage but accentuates dry skin.
ReviewBuy at UltaElf16HR Camo ConcealerFair RoseC-727/1/2019Demi matteSpongeDryingMedium to High MediumVisibleSlight settlingNot cakey10+ HoursToo light0.20 ozLarge doe foot18DrugstoreCruelty FreeUnknown$5.00 Sets down and stays in place. Long wear. Accentuates lines, slightly drying.
ReviewBuy at UltaL'OrealInfallible Full Wear Waterproof ConcealerFawnC-728/17/2020MatteSponge or FingertipHydratingFullAccentuatedDoes not settleClings slightly to dry patches12+ HoursGood0.33 ozLarge doe foot25DrugstoreNot CFUnknown$13.49 Great coverage, long wear, hydrating, but matte finish accentuates lines and dry patches.
ReviewBuy at BeautylishJeffree StarMagic Star ConcealerC2C-716/17/2019Demi matteBrushDryingMedium to High MediumVisibleSlight settlingClings to dry patches10 HoursToo light0.11 ozTriangle doe foot31High EndCruelty FreeVegan$22.00 Does not need to be set with powder but dry-down locks in any imperfections.
ReviewBuy at UltaUrban DecayStay Naked Correcting Concealer20NNC-708/9/2019Demi matteBrushDryingMediumVisibleSlight settlingClings to dry patches8 HoursGood0.35 ozDoe foot25High EndCruelty FreeVegan$29.00 Accentuates dry patches. Poor wear time. Nothing special.
ReviewBuy at SephoraRare BeautyLiquid Touch Brightening Concealer160CD659/21/2020Demi matteFingertip for coverage, sponge to smoothSlightly dryingLight to MediumAccentuatedSlight settlingClings to dry patches8 HoursGood0.25 ozDoe foot48High EndCruelty FreeVegan$19 Coverage is weak. Accentuates even the tiniest of fine lines. Nothing to write home about.
ReviewBuy at AmazonCoverGirlClean Invisible ConcealerFairD625/5/2021Demi matteFingertipSlightly dryingSheer to LightVisibleDoes not settleClings slightly to dry patches8 HoursSlightly dark0.32 ozPaddle foot5DrugstoreCruelty FreeUnknown$6 Very little coverage. Does not smooth lines very well. Not particularly hydrating. Pretty much invisible.
ReviewBuy at AmazonRevlonPhotoReady Candid Concealer105 FairD601/17/2020Satin naturalSponge or BrushSlightly dryingLightVisibleSettles into linesClings to dry patches8 HoursGood0.34 ozDoe foot18DrugstoreNot CFUnknown$9.99 Very light coverage. Settles into fine lines and doesn't wear very long.
ReviewBuy at UltaElcieComplete Remedy Slique ConcealerLightF5911/29/2019MatteSpongeDryingLight to MediumVisibleSlight settlingClings to dry patches8 HoursGood0.51 ozCooling paddle7High EndCruelty FreeVegan$28.00 Accentuates dry skin. Nearly gone after 8 hours.
ReviewBuy at UltaW3ll PeopleBio Correct ConcealerFair F553/25/2020Demi matteFingertipSlightly dryingMediumAccentuatedSlight settlingClings to dry patches10 HoursGood0.25 ozSqueeze Tube6High EndCruelty FreeVegan$22.99 Accentuates fine lines, crepey texture, and dry patches. Slightly drying.
ReviewBuy at UltaJaclyn CosmeticsFaux Filler Perfecting ConcealerFair Light PinkF02/2/2022MatteBrushDryingMediumMassively accentuatedCracks along linesClings to all texture0 HoursToo light0.23 ozDoe foot21High EndCruelty FreeUnknown$26 Unwearable. Unblendable because it dries down so fast. Freezes lines and texture into place.