Here’s your skin care planner & tracker!


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The tracker PDF file includes examples on how to create your skin care plan and track it! These instructions below are also included in the file. Access the file by clicking the button above; save it to your device or computer. I prefer to print the worksheets, but you can also edit and duplicate them in digital tools like Canva.


This skin care routine sheet can be used both to plan your weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly skin care routine, and as a weekly tracker to check off completion of steps in the morning and evening.

To use as a planner, print out 1 sheet for each time block you’d like to plan. Print a “weekly” sheet for steps you do daily or at least once per week. Print an “every 2 weeks” sheet for steps you only do every 8-14 days. Print a “monthly” sheet for steps you only do once per month. Check off the appropriate frequency and refer to your plan throughout the month.

For example, I do most steps daily or weekly so those are checked off on a “weekly” sheet. However, for exfoliation, I only do that once every 10 days – so that would be on my “every 2 weeks” sheet. I have a custom step for dermarolling and I do that monthly, so it’s on a “monthly” sheet.

To use as a tracker, print as many sheets as the number of weeks you want to track. Check off “tracker” and input the dates for each week you’re tracking. Check off the appropriate step and morning (sun) or evening (moon) box throughout each week.

Record any skin concerns in the “skin concerns” box.

Bonus skin care tip: Take a close-up selfie with no makeup on in good daylight once per week to see changes and improvements in your skin over time.

Tech tips: Print on 8.5″ x 11″ letter-sized paper. Hole punch and store in a 3-ring binder for easy access.